Carlos Machado - Infinite Jiu-Jitsu 6 DVD Set

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Carlos Machado - Infinite Jiu-Jitsu 6 DVD Set | 3.11 GB
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This instructional set of 6 DVD's will redefine your perception of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Carlos Machado, one of the most respected instructors in the world, will take you step by step into the subtle nuances of this incredible martial art.

Disc 1 - Defensive Power Drills
This instructional DVD series will redefine your perception of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Carlos Machado, one of the most respected instructors in the world, will take you step by step into the subtle nuances of this incredible martial art. In this volume, you will learn what it takes to develop a powerful guard. He believes before submissions and reversals, a student must know how to prevent an opponent from passing the guard. With the addition of defensive drills, Carlos will reveal the details often overlooked when working from the guard. You will also learn some of the flow of techniques that go along with defending from the guard, which will include:

* Countering some of the most dangerous passes
* Three ways to finish from the crucifix
* Proper way to apply the clock choke
* Avoiding the bullfighting pass
* Hook flip against a stand-up pass

Disc 2 - Defending and Attacking
The next step in attaining an excellent guard involves also attacks and reversals. Carlos Machado will show you a crucial guard defense drill followed by several simple and yet effective strategies to accomplish armlocks. The student will be equipped not only to stop powerful guard passes, but also to respond with an aggressive game that will put your opponent on notice from the start. Among some of the techniques described in this session are:

* Tips on how to pass and defend using the Knee ride strategy
* Different ways to twist the arm in an armlock
* Several armbar set ups from the guard
* Preventing the stacking
* The Russian flip over

Disc 3 - The Armbar and Kimura Game
The armbar and kimura are some of the most powerful submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In this set, Carlos Machado teaches a comprehensive approach to succeed in attacking the arm from the guard. Students will see hands-on description on how to secure and accomplish the armlock from several angles. Through a series of scenarios, Carlos will explain the steps it takes to make your technique virtually inescapable. Some of the techniques also included during this lesson are:

* Pitfalls to avoid
* The Americana squeeze
* How to release grips
* Finish in several angles
* The "V Grip"
* Kimura set ups
* Ways to defeat the opponent's reaction

Disc 4 - The Science of the Shoulder Lock
This shoulder lock is a devestating submission, a must in any dangerous guard. This set will reveal not only the shoulder lock set up, but also the entire aspect from starting the position to different ways to finish it. Students will learn several strategies in how to prevent possible escapes and how to recover a lost position. Against low and high stances, roll overs and lifts, your shoulder lock will rock your opponent into submission. Some of the techniques also included on this session are:

* "The Flat Leg" finish
* Wrist lock finish
* Roll over prevention
* Reversal to armbar
* Recovery after a roll over
* Shoulder lock crucifix
* Reversals using hooks and plier pressure

Disc 5 - Top Mount Finishes, Half Guard Passes and Hook Flips
The top mount and the half guard are common situations after a reversal. In this set Carlos Machado will go over the techniques that matter when one ends up there. Through chokes and armbar set ups from the mount to powerful half guard passes, students will learn how to follow up after a successful reversal or submission attempt from the guard. The session will be completed with a series of hook flip reversals. Some of the techniques you will see during this lesson are:

* How to keep the mount
* How to set up chokes
* Powerful key locks
* The double attack
* Counter to hook on the shin
* The "Perosh Flip"
* Hook flip against the sprawl

Disc 6 - (Bonus Disc) - Troubleshooting
This set will allow students to see in advance some of the problems that can take place after practicing the techniques taught during the previous sessions. Carlos Machado will try to answer and troubleshoot some of the questions with powerful drills that will dramatically enhance your game. From recovering an armbar to setting up triangles from a hook flip, the student will have what it takes to make his game get into another level. Among some of the techniques practiced in this session are:

* Switching arms in the armlock
* Spinning drills
* Defending an ankle lock
* Sidemount escape after a pass
* Triangle from hook flip
* Armlock grip release
* Kimura grip release


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