cardanfx - HOUDINI The great escap

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cardanfx - HOUDINI The great escap

cardanfx - HOUDINI The great escape
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HOUDINI The great escape "CLOTH":
The most complete training about Cloth for Houdini 9.5
One of the most powerful tools for creating digital clothing and simulations. Cloth simulations is a part of the DOP system and it aids artists to the creation of realistic and stylized animated cloth for characters, objects, or other visual effects. In this chapter we will introduce you to the fundamentals of working with Cloth through a series of examples and walk through exercises.
1. Intro to Cloth simulations
2. Friction and initial state
3. Contact and damping
4. Material
5. Silk
6. Collitions
7. Pin constrain
8. Relationships
9. Other tools
10. Spring constrain
11. Stich constrain part One
12. Stich constrain part Two
13. From Cloth to RBD
14. Forces
15. The shirt project

HOUDINI The great escape Vol.1 (From the Interface to attributes)
This is the most intensive course on the web, in this series of videos we'll explore a lot of different tools in this amazing program, you will learn how to use the interface and how to manipulate different levels of networks, at the end of this course you should have a really good idea of how Houdini uses the system of nodes and you will learn the basics of 3d ,about groups and options for modeling.
1. Intro
2. Help browser
3. Interface distribution
4. Resize and move your pallets
5. Desktops
6. Save, delete and new desktop
7. Navigation on the interface
8. 3D in 2d monitors
9. View ports
11. Wire frame
12. View port tools
13. Nodes
14. Parameters pallet
15. Tool bar
16. Timeline
17. Display options
18. Color scheme
19. Preferences

In this series of videos we will explore some of the basic features of the Mantra engine.
1. Render region, flip book and mantra preview
2. Creating mantra nodes
3. The main settings
4. Properties Tab
5. Sampling and the effects
6. Render engines
7. PBR
8. Caustics

HOUDINI The great escape Vol.1 (Intro to Materials and Shaders in Houdini)
With out materials and textures our objects and scenes are going to look empty. In this series of videos you will learn some of the different methods and materials that you can use inside Houdini to apply textures on to your objects.
1. Intro to Materials
2. Alpha Channel
3. Parameters
4. Creating Materials
5. Displacement
6. Selection
7. UV textures
8. Camera projection

HOUDINI The great escape Vol.1 (Intro to lights and illumination)
Lights are really important in 3d , we can represent depth and create different emotions depending which settings we apply on them. Here you will learn different methods for illumination and some of the basic parameters of lights.
1. Intro to lights
2. Transformation and light nodes
3. Type of Lights
4. Parameters
5. Spot Light
6. Area Light
7. Templete Ligh

HOUDINI The great escape Vol.2 (Intro to Dynamics)
Here you will find some interesting tutorials about the powerful dynamics system build in Houdini.
1. Intro and RBD objects
2. Static, Terrain and removing objects
3. Parameters
4. Initial state with file nodes

HOUDINI The great escape Vol.2 (Intro to Particles)
Let's get started with the powerful system of particles inside Houdini.
1. Calling Particles
2. Intro to particles
3. Fireworks
4. Emitter
5. Particles from objects
6. Pop object
7. Squishy object

HOUDINI The great escape Vol.2 (Intro to Particle Fluids)
Let's get started with the powerful system of particle fluids inside Houdini and learn how to set up different kind of liquids.
1. Particle fuid object
2. Parameters
3. Saving simulations on your HD
4. Sculpted tool
5. Whitecaps
6. Emit particle fluids
7. Sink
8. Wind force

Dust to Geo (From the sideFX forum)
Importing Illustrator files to Houdini

cardanfx - HOUDINI The great escap

cardanfx - HOUDINI The great escap

cardanfx - HOUDINI The great escap

cardanfx - HOUDINI The great escap

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