camera icon Vectors

Graphic. July 17, 2010 by Lastsoft2.
camera icon Vectors
camera icon Vectors
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Load a 2D Image into Photoshop for manipulation with the vector tools by selecting the "File, Open File" menu option. Once the image is loaded, save the image in Photoshop PSD format by choosing the menu option "File." then "Save As."
Step 2

Double click on the image in the Layer tool bar to unlock the single image layer which will create a new Image layer that is a copy of the original picture. The Layer tool bar is located at the bottom-right side of the Adobe Photoshop application. Right click the new layer and type a unique layer title.
Step 3

Choose the "Pen Tool" from the tool bar and create an outline of the object in the 2D image by clicking on major outline points of the shape. Each click will create an anchor point around the image. When complete with creating anchor points about the image connect the final anchor point so it meets with the first created.
Step 4

Choose the "Convert Anchor Point Tool" and wrap the areas which require more curves to fit the original shape of the 2D image. If there are extraneous anchor points, then delete by selecting the point and pressing the "Delete" key on your computer.
Step 5

Repeat the path creation process for each major shape in the 2D image to convert to vector format. When creating new vector paths, select the "Color Picker" tool first in order to use the same color as the component of the shape being traced in the Vector trace. Each component of the original raster image will need a vector path defined and converted in order to completely convert the raster image to vector format.
Step 6

Select the "Save As sub-menu in the 'File' menu options and view your new Vector graphic. For saving to use on the Internet, SVG is the preferred vector format for 2D web graphics.

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