Buck Rizvi And Michael Lovitch - Health Business Confidential

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Buck Rizvi And Michael Lovitch - Health Business Confidential

Buck Rizvi And Michael Lovitch - Health Business Confidential
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If you're a Health Practitioner (or just Passionate about health like I am) this might be the most important email you will ever read. For the first time ever, my Partner (Michael Lovitch) and I are going to reveal how anyone who truly cares about helping others can capitalize on the Recession-Proof Health Industry while on a shoestring budget. You might be aware that for 2 years, we conducted $10,000 workshops (that always Sold out) teaching people exactly how we built our 7-figure health businesses. We also held a limited availability $1,295/month coaching program for those who were totally committed. We had success stories from MDs, Chiropractors, and everyday people who had a passion for health.
But, there was a problem.

First of all, I realized that I wanted to spend MORE time with my beautiful wife and children while growing MY OWN 7-figure nutritional supplement company.

Second, I learned that there is just as much money and freedom in promoting HEALTH INFORMATION products. (My partner makes 7-figures a year WITHOUT selling supplements).

And finally, we felt we could help far MORE PEOPLE whose hearts were in the right place if we were able to provide the same (in fact BETTER) information in a much, much MORE AFFORDABLE way, and still have plenty of time for our families.

So about a year ago, we started to put together what I am ANNOUNCING TODAY. This has taken a lot of time and planning and is truly a labor of love.

Anyway, we've created a VEHICLE for sharing the strategies that we and other 7-figure Health Marketers use to create financial freedom and help people live longer, healthier, happier lives. (NOTE: It is very important to us that this information is ONLY used by ethical health marketers).

Additionally, we've created a detailed FAST START guide that even a total newbie can use to get going. PLUS, we're providing some of the most VALUABLE VIDEOS from the $10,000 a seat events I mentioned earlier.

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