BricsCad Pro 10.4.7 build 18869 Portable

Software, Portable. June 9, 2010 by Dizel.
BricsCad Pro 10.4.7 build 18869 Portable

BricsCad Pro 10.4.7 build 18869 Portable | 75.28 MB

Bricscad is the powerful DWG-alternative CAD platform that enables DWG-based applications and offers a complete and recognizable feature set to professional users.

Here are 10 reasons why to choose Bricscad:

You can modernize your CAD for 1/5 the price of AutoCAD.
Bricscad offers full-function 2D/3D DWG-based CAD and a compelling technology roadmap.
Bricscad comes with friendly upgrade policies.
The people behind Bricscad are CAD veterans committed to world-class support.
Most users are transitioning from AutoCAD to Bricscad in one week or less.
Bricscad has over 100,000 users around the world and earned a 98% satisfaction rating.
Users and administrators in organizations with both Bricscad and AutoCAD prefer Bricscad.
Bricscad offers an AutoCAD-compatible programming platform that supports existing applications.
Increasingly, top developers are offering their existing AutoCAD applications and add-ons on Bricscad.
You can try it right now for free!

Other benefits
Enabling applications

Thanks to the extended list of compatible API's available (LISP, SDS, COM, BRX), Bricscad V10 is now chosen by more than hundred of application developers so far to port their AutoCAD® based application to. Each application extends Bricscad V10 feature set to a new level.

Enabling solutions
Applications in main domains, such as AEC, GIS, Mechanical and Civil Engineering lift the Bricscad platform to the highest professional level. With a constant growing number of available engineering applications the Bricscad platform offers real solutions for the job to be done.

Enabling choices
By enabling DWG based solutions in every engineering domain Bricsys now finally can offer freedom in the decision process. As from Bricscad V10 on, the DWG world does have a real choice. Bricscad V10 combines professional engineering solutions with a fair and transparent pricing model, and a user friendly upgrade policy.
Worldwide presence
Bricscad is worldwide leader in DWG alternative CAD. Bricscad V10 - today available in 13 languages - offers an international platform for applications. Bricsys - the company behind Bricscad - assists developers actively with the porting of regional and international applications. Together with the application developers, Bricsys is building an international DWG based engineering community.

High quality support
In addition to its technological strength, Bricsys delivers high quality support to each user, each developer, every day and everywhere. Bricsys’ customers are leaders in their field and require a zero tolerance support. Bricsys eliminates barriers between its technical teams and the users of its products. Bricsys customers - anywhere on the globe - can communicate their support requests directly with the Bricsys support team.

And finally, yes we know that our pricing is one of the main reasons why most people ultimately prefer our technology. Comparable quality for far less money. Download V10 and try it out for free for the next 30 days. We are confident…

Version 10.4.7 - 7/06/2010

* Dwg 2010, also known as R24, is the new native Bricscad drawing format. In case an older save format is preferred please change the variable 'SaveFormat' in the settings dialog.
* PRINT DIALOG: a bitmap illustration was added, showing the current paper sheet dimensions and orientation, as well as the orientation, position and size of the printed area.
* POINT INPUT: the APPINT keyword can now be used to activate extended apparent intersection snap mode during point input.
* SNAP: added support for relative polar snapping. It can be used in commands LINE, PLINE, 3P.
* TABLET: Tablet cui files are no longer included in the installation. A zip file containing the tablet cui files along with the corresponding overlay pictures can be downloaded from the Tools section on the Briscad website ( More information is available in the Bricscad Help.

* SR24393: toolbars in Toolbars context menu are now sorted alphabetically.
* Heavy AUDIT operations have become much faster.
* Use Default UCS is used in case the viewport UCS is invalid. This avoids an endless number of warning dialogs about degenerate geometry.
* OdaIssue209: Xref path name is now displayed for unresolved xrefs.
* SR23939: improved updating performance of properties panel, leading to faster scrollzoom when entities(esp dimensions) were selected.
* Rewritten PlotStyle editor and UserProfileManager.
* It is now possible to pan with the mouse in Print Preview.
* SR23541: If a print fails due to wrong paper size this is now shown on the commandline.
* XREF: the file and path name of unresolved xrefs is now displayed in the drawing.
* SR15673, SR23456, SR23893 - MENU: DIESEL expressions in menu macro's are no longer evaluated before executing the menu string, but at the point where they occur in the macro.
* SR22550 - ATTRIBUTE EDITOR: keyboard shortcut Alt+O has the same effect now as pressing the OK button.
* SNAP: added support for ANGBASE and ANGDIR variables during polar snapping.

* SR24033: insert was not properly updated on the screen when its attributes get erased or new ones are added.
* avoid duplicate C:XXX command registration on opening new drawings when LISPINIT=0:
* SR23811: Russian descriptions for linetypes were not readable in drawing explorer.
* SR24407:CUI: now, also ICO resources from external resource files (DLL) are recognized
* r18786:SR17531 SR18467 SR23162 SR24054 SR24399 SR24476 fix commands and getvar calls for TDINDWG and TDUSRTIMER and TIME.
* SR24452: added PURGE, EXPLODE, DIMSTY and TXTSTYLE to map of recognized cui icon id's and improved select macros.
* Use Default UCS is used in problem drawings with an invalid viewport UCS. This avoids an endless number of warning dialogs about degenerate geometry.
* SR24370: DDEDIT command always returned CANCEL status, which broke SDS and Lisp applications when used command.
* SR24354: avoid crash occurring on erase of dimension with corrupt DimAssoc object.
* SR24413: incorrect file dialog title when selecting images.
* SR21274: OSMODE and AUTOSNAP were not always reset after operations that required temporary reset of OSMODE to 0.
* TaskDD1381: enabled quadrant snapping to arcs and circles, placed in homogeneously scaled blocks.
* SR16246: rectangle command did not create a filleted rectangle if fillet radius is too big.
* SR23759: entities not being rendered and rendering error
* Explicit regen was needed to bring the display up to date when viewports were using different SHADEMODE rendering settings.
* TaskDD1303 : crash on undo of TILEMODE switches after deleting a viewport.
* SR24020 : REFEDIT ignored overrides applied to dimensions inside a block, as well as changes to fields inside mtexts in a block.
* SR24183 : (getvar "UNDOCTL") returned "group active" bit (value 8) set.
* SR24248 - CURSOR: Left clicking on an entity that was already gripped, left a cursor artifact behind.
* SR24232: empty BAK file was created next to wblocked drawing.
* TaskDD1330: when COORDS=2, and angle value has been added for the LINE and PLINE command, the statusbar should show this fixed angle value till the distance value has been entered.
* SR23923: PRINT: large OLE objects failed to print if the print was rotated (e.g. upside down or landscape)
* Command SELECT , options Add/Subtract would always take full groups of entities even if PICKSTYLE was 0.
* Properties Panel: - select 2 (different) lines. Length and angle in the properties value are *varies*. - Now change the endpoint of one of the lines, using grip edit. - Length and Angle are no longer *varies*, no matter where you put the endpoint.
* SR20855: sometimes properties panel was too small when bricscad started.
* TaskDD503: FILLET command failed to make fillet of 2 polylines, but second curve was deleted after failed command.
* SR24251: Customize Dialog: from partial cui files, shortcut menus and sub menus were added to main menu bar
* SR20126: additional diagnostic messages during print (if QAFLAGS bit-value 256 is set).
* VPLAYER: command malfunctioned in localized versions.
* SR18492 - MULTIPLE: command now repeats a user defined command, instead of the last used native command.
* SR21851 - CUSTOMIZE: creating a new tool in the Customize dialog (using menu, toolbar or keyboard tree) with a title that already exists, would overwrite the properties of the existing item.
* SR22196 - MENU: from main cui file, now only menus with a 'POP' alias are shown (POP1 until POP32 are accepted). To display other menus, menucmd can still be used
* SR23973 - MENU: when a pause symbol in a macro is preceded by a command string, this command string is not executed immediately, but it is placed on the command line for further editing. Example: "^c^cPLINE 0,0 @\". In this case the "@" is placed on the command line to enter relative coordinates. In previous versions, this macro would result in the error: "@\ Unable to recognize entry. Please try again."
* SR24166 - MTEXT EDITOR: it was not possible to set Bold type text back to Normal, if this text had the same font type as the default font.
* TaskD1407 - DRAWING EXPLORER: toolbar was not displayed completely, the end part was missing (except for the Layer States toolbar).
* SR15745 - DIMZIN and DIMAZIN influenced the read-out of the DIST command and the DISTANCE system variable, they should not.
* SR21539 - SNAP: it was not possible to snap to the top of a cone.
* SR22570 - GROUPS: PICKSTYLE and selection set filters were not correctly applied to groups.
* SR23626 - MATCHPROP: new property was not applied to a selection set if it's first element already had the new property.
* SR23830 - DISPLAY: ucs icon was not drawn in user provided drawing.
* DISPLAY: there was a problem when rendering entities with color kNone.
* TaskDD885 - ATTEXT: should not prompt for confirmation to overwrite an existing output file when running in unattended mode.

Application Development
* SR24404 - LISP: fixes a crash during Lisp objects cleanup, for example when closing a document after heavy use of selection sets.
* SR24459 LISP : using ESCAPE as input for (grread) did not call the active Lisp error handler, if Bit 3 (=8) was set.
* SR24143, dcl/toolbar issue: If a dcl dialog is closed by double clicking on a list_box, a toolbar button that is behind the dialog could be triggered. Indeed, the double click action will be triggered while the mouse button is down for the second time. By the time the mouse button is released at the end of the double click, the dcl dialog is already closed. As a result, a toolbar button on that very position could be triggered. Indeed, a toolbar button is activated when the mouse is released on top of the button. Fixed by activating the toolbar button only if the toolbar has captured the mouse earlier on. Capturing the mouse typically happens when the mouse is pressed down.
* SR21261 - LISP reactors: (vlr-owners reactor) did not list the reactor owner(s), if the owner object(s) were erased.
* SR23578 - fixed issue with incorrect jigging basepoint.
* SR24337 : Lisp (read-line) now supports both linux and windows style line endings.
* SR19464, 23281 - JIGS: drag behavior has been changed. The first drag loop runs with the current cross-hair position (without waiting for an actual input event), so the entity is updated accordingly.
* SR23789 - LISP: fixed behaviour of pause in LISP (command "_SELECT" pause) or MENU macro ^C^C_SELECT;\. The pause statement now waits for user input until the SELECT command ends, instead of just one input.
* SR23957 - COM: AcadApplication.ZoomPickWindow, AcadApplication.ZoomScaled methods did register undo info - they should not.
* SR24329: COM: AcadDocument.FullPath returned autosaved name.
* SR21611 COM: *ModelSpace, *PaperSpace blocks can be deleted with AcadBlock.Delete method from COM
* SR24373:append default 'dwg' extension for drawings when opening them from COM.
* SR24574 DCL: When an edit_box receives initial_focus, its contents should be selected, but the selection was cancelled when calling set_tile on the edit_box between new_dialog and start_dialog.
* LISP: (load "name.lsp") triggered a memory overrun crash - (load (findfile "name.lsp")) worked fine.
* SR22527 - LISP: (findfile) also searched the path of the template file used to create a drawing, it should not.
* SR23587 - JIG: acquirePoint now accepts distance input in all cases.
* LISP - forum #12384 : when (command PAUSE) is replied to with ESCAPE, some commands do not correctly return RTCAN, so LispEx reported another error than *cancelled*. A temporary workaround was added in the Lisp engine: now, any error input for (command PAUSE) causes, as expected, a "*cancelled*" error.

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