BounceBack Enterprise Server v8.0.2.1

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BounceBack Enterprise Server v8.0.2.1

BounceBack Enterprise Server v8.0.2.1 MULTiLANGUAGE | File-Size: 36.57 MB
CMS BounceBack Professional Backup and Disaster Recovery Software
Client Backup & Disaster Recovery Software

Let BounceBack take all the worry and hassle out of backing up your valuable and irreplaceable data. Protect your investment in your digital photos and music libraries. Never lose your valuable documents. BounceBack combines world-class ease of use with the features that knowledgeable users want and need. Choose the version of BounceBack that's right for you.

Perfect for Home & Small Business
BounceBack is easy to use. It is the perfect solution for home users who do not want to waste time dealing with complicated, hard to use software. It's also perfect for business users who don't want to waste IT resources deploying a large, complicated backup solution.

Full System Backup
Use BounceBack Professional to perform a full system backup. A full system backup ensures a complete drive restore in the event of a total hardware failure. This saves you hours, perhaps even days rebuilding your computer, re-installing software. If you have ever had a hard drive fail or a computer stolen, you know the pain associated with the loss of data and the time associated with getting up and running again. BounceBack creates an exact copy of your computer hard drive enabling you to replace your failed hard drive with your backup or use the CMS Rescue CD to boot into a recovery tool that can restore from your external drive onto a replacement internal hard drive.

Effortless Recovery
Accidental deletions and misplaced files are a fact of life. Fortunately, the QuickRestore feature offers immediate access to all previously backed up files. Just select the items to bring back and click on Restore.

Native File Format Backup
Files accessible on any computer! BounceBack saves files to your backup drive in native file format without any compression. This means your files can be easily accessed on any computer if you need to work on a file in the event of a disc failure. Simply plug your backup drive into any working computer and locate your file.

Bootable Backup: Boot from your backup drive for instant disaster recovery
If you have created a full system backup using BounceBack Professional, your backup disc can operate as a bootable device. This is particularly useful if your system BIOS supports booting from an external device such as a SATA or FireWire drive. Simply set your BIOS to boot from backup and you are up and running in moments.

Backup to any hard drive or any mounted network drive
With BounceBack Professional it’s easy to setup your backups the way you want them. You can backup to any externally connected hard drive or a folder on your local network. The intuitive interface makes setting up backups effortless.

Save Multiple Versions of Files
Have you ever been working on a document, gone through several versions, and then realized the first or second draft was the best? With BounceBack's versioning feature enabled, changed files are backed up and maintained individually allowing you to review and compare all backed up versions of the same file.

Now Supporting Windows Vista - CMS offers full support of the Windows Vista operating system. Vista backup has never been easier. Make a full bootable backup of your Windows Vista machine.

Powerful File Encryption - (Enterprise and Server Editions) Secure your sensitive and private information with powerful AES 128 and 256 bit encryption when you backup.


(File-Size: 36.57 MB)

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