Boris Continuum Complete 9.0.1 for Adobe (x64)

Software, Graphic & Design. May 3, 2014 by samura1.

Here's new major update of Boris Continuum Complete. Compatible with Adobe CS5, CS6 and CC.

BCC 9 has exciting new features for editors and After Effects artists alike. Whether you're working on fast-paced commercials, intimate indies, cutting-edge tv series, Hollywood blockbusters or award-winning documentaries, BCC 9 has something for every artist and editor.

NEW in BCC 9!
- FX Browser™ is integrated into every BCC filter/ transition to instantly view effects. Work more easily.
- 30 Filters & Transitions. Work more creatively.
- Open CL and CUDA acceleration for supported graphics cards. Work even faster.

FX Browser™
The FX Browser™ can be accessed both in each individual filter and as a standalone to browse the entire BCC effects library. The built-in browsing history lets you keep track of your most recent searches. All effects play back over moving video in your timeline, not just a poster frame.

The Transition Group
BCC 9 delivers 23 new transitions to editors. You now have 30+ dissolves and wipes. (3x the amount of BCC 8!) Add Flutter Cuts, Blur and Glow dissolves, a retro Damaged TV dissolve, and much more to your arsenal. Animating your transitions just got better! Thanks to unique overlay curves showing you exactly where a wipe or dissolve starts and where the effect takes place in the transition. No keyframing needed!

The Film Group
BCC Vignette. Apply a soft camera lens or screen projection over your footage with added luminosity and defocus controls. BCC 2-Strip Color. Mimic the over-saturated Technicolor look of classic Hollywood Films.

The Image Restoration Group
BCC Magic Sharp. Be a hero by rescuing blurry footage. BCC Lens Correction. Get rid of the fish-eye warp produced by a wide angle camera lens - especially handy for all you GoPro camera users.

The Stylize Group
BCC Grunge and BCC Edge Grunge. Add grit, grime, and atmosphere to titles and clips within seconds.

The Keying and Composite Group
BCC Chromakey Studio. Your one stop shop. Junk mattes, green screen smoothing, final matte cleanups, pulling a perfect chroma key, light wraps, and color correcting - all in one powerful filter! No more layering filters upon filters!

The Lights Group
BCC Laser Beam. Engrave titles or trace-on effects onto your footage complete with fog and glows.

The Perspective Group
BCC Pan & Zoom. The ever-popular go-to for Avid users now rotates images in 3D! Plus, more cropping and adjustment options.

New Online Help System
Chock full of detailed information for each filter, tips, and tutorials.

Feature Enhancements in BCC AE 9.0.1:
• The FX Browser can now be applied to Precomps or Adjustment Layers in AE.
• More than 100 new transition presets.
• Built-in Vignette added to Pan and Zoom.
• Motion Blur now supported for 3D Mode in Pan and Zoom.
• Improved GPU support on ATI systems.
• Help Docs refinements.
• Colored Background option added to Swish Pan.

Bug Fixes In BCC AE 9.0.1:
• Warp - Antialiasing not working.
• Vector Blur Dissolve - Ignore Edge Pixels not working as expected.
• Edge Grunge - Layer Border options not working as expected.
• Film Damage - Error messages when applied to time remapped clips in Premiere.
• Vector Blur Dissolve - Streaks visible on video that has alpha transparency.
• Revise parameter defaults for several transitions.
• Sporadic instability when loading animated presets in the FX Browser.
• FX Browser - sporadic instability in Mac AE when closing the browser or switching from AE to other apps and then back again while the browser is open.
• Extruded Text - Hitting Apply in the text edit window causes other apps to jump in front of AE.
• Extruded Text - Refresh issue when launching the text window with fragments of the window bar being drawn in the wrong place and then not refreshing.
• Cuda driver errors are displayed on some ATI systems which had previously installed NVIDIA cards.
• FX Browser - Saving Workspace does not allow overwriting of an existing one.
• FX Browser - Workspaces save number does not automatically advance beyond 2 on windows.
• FX Browser - Open folders are not always saved and restored.
• 3D Objects filters will incorrectly cache the first layer assigned as texture/bump map, even if that layer has been deleted and another assigned.
• Sporadic instability with 3D Objects filters on windows, especially in Premiere on Windows 8.
• Laser Beam - Motion Blur does not work in Premiere.
• Damaged TV - Triangle and Saw edge shapes don't animate.
• Grunge - 4K displacement map doesn't work when 4K media is selected as the layer.
• Grunge - With 'use texture' turned off, displacement map uses source layer as map even when map is set to texture.
• Grunge - Glow in 4K media gets bigger when dropping resolution.
• Lens Flare 3D - Instability in AE when applying to alpha media and selecting images smaller than comp sized as background.
• Grunge - Opacity parameter incorrectly adjusting scratches.
• Vignette - When dropping resolution to third or quarter, the blur shifts unexpectedly.
• Damaged TV Dissolve - Interference shows random gaps in interference on side edge of screen.
• Preset library - Remove outdated presets in some filters which distract from browsing the more important entries.
• Several Jitter presets contain incorrect default Y offsets.
• Sphere Transition - Uses wrong folder for default preset location.


Install Notes:
1. Install the software with the included serial.
2. Apply patcher to fully activate it. Enjoy it!

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