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the latest addition to our game catalogue. It sports some cool ball and gravity physics along with dozens of interesting obstacles and game objects, that make for one of the funnest (or the only?!) OSBBs (outer-space ball bouncers) around. It has been called a blend of billiards and lunar lander, but the only way to really understand is to play for yourself!



Dear beloved ALiAS,

We don't know how smart it is to proper or rip a retail digital download game, especially one that was released before ISO.

Since when have standalone games needed to be ripped?

That would mean every shareware game is open to being propered if a few MB can be taken out, and believe: that is doable with the new stupid S.R.R. fitted to some 0day game-rip teams for just enhancing their numbers. Of course we won't agree with that and we don't rip everything we can.

It has always been customary not to rip these (unless they're oversized) because we are providing the user with the exact copy. It has always been this way, and now you are nitpicking rules.

We are sure we could rerip every single of your games and make them smaller, but we don't out of professional courtesy, so please show us the same.

If you want to play fair, support for modifications in the rules that clarify the misunderstandings in 0day Standard Rip Rules.

And a small note to the teams who enforced rules with holes just to get more releases out:

We know why you enforced such rules because in that way you could release both on 0day and then on ISO without being duped.

Futhermore, you can downsample as much as you want the rips right? We admit, you tricked everyone with your "innocent" intentions.

Of course, you apply the holes of the rules whenever you like, with the support of your favourite site owners.

We just let you know that we are neither stupid nor insane and we know what is going on.


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