Blondie - Japanese Singles (2011) FLAC

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Blondie - Japanese Singles (2011) FLAC
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Genre: New wave, pop rock, punk rock

This collection consists of ten Japanese singles given to me by ringosshed and one US single. When I started this project, I didn't realize that "One Way or Another" was a North American single only. The rest of the world got "Sunday Girl" in it's place. I couldn't imagine a singles collection without this track, so I included the US single (following the "Sunday Girl" single in chronological order, though I'm not certain which one came out first). For all intents and purposes the releases were simultaneous. "One Way" reached #26 on Billboard and was the band's fifth most successful US single. Another quirk in the Japanese catalog is that "Kidnapped" seemingly was released as a single in Japan and nowhere else in the world. Perhaps not coincidentally it is also the only one of the singles that uses the Chrysalis green label (all of the others using the white to blue fade featured in the included artwork). Also of interest is the Japanese first single. In the US the first three Blondie singles (chronologically) were "X Offender","In The Flesh" and "Rip Her To Shreds" (with their corresponding B-sides). The first Japanese single utilized "Rip" as the A-side and "Flesh" and "X" as a two track B-side. The version of "X" used on the Japanese single is the standard album version. When Private Stock (Blondie's first US label) issued "X", it had a slightly different sound, but it's no big whoop either way. To my ears the album version is the exact same two track master as the earlier single, just with some reverb added. The reverb helps the vocal and really helps the snare, but it serves to wash out the tambourine and maracas, giving a Phil Spector Wall of Mud sound to the track. What would be great is if they went back to the multis and added the reverb where it helps but keeping the high stuff clean. FYI, I also included a "Bonus" folder with a couple of MP3s that were on the old official Blondie site but aren't on the new one. I didn't get them from there myself, but as far as I know they are unchanged from the original sanctioned free downloads. The bonus folder also contains (labeled as "16b") the flip of "Call Me" which is an instrumental credited to Georgio Moroder, though it does use Blondie's vocal track.

Burning instructions...

You will notice that there are two sets of art, one labeled "purist". For those who agree with me that a Blondie singles collection can not exclude "One Way or Another", just burn the tracks as they are presented (in US chronological order) and use the corresponding art. For the "purists" who want a true Japan only collection, remove tracks 12 and 13, add 16b from the bonus folder and renumber the tacks to match the "purist" art. My hope is that sharing it this way will satisfy everyone.


1 - X Offender
2 - In The Flesh
3 - Rip Her To Shreds
4 - Denis
5 - No Imagination
6 - Kidnapper
7 - Cautious Lip
8 - Heart Of Glass
9 - Rifle Range
10 - Sunday Girl
11 - I Know But I Don't Know
12 - One Way Or Another*
13 - Just Go Away*
14 - Dreaming
15 - Living In The Real World
16 - Call Me
17 - Atomic
18 - Die Young Stay Pretty
19 - The Tide Is High
20 - Suzy and Jeffrey
21 - Rapture
22 - Walk Like Me

*US single


16b - Call Me (Instrumental)
Blondie - We Three Kings.mp3
Blondie - More Than This.mp3



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