Bedros Keullian : Fit Body BootCamp

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Bedros Keullian :  Fit Body BootCamp

Bedros Keullian : Fit Body BootCamp
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Personal training is in huge demand but unfortunately a lot of them don’t make it financially and just scrape by to make a living. Why does this happen? You can find out those answers from one of the most successful personal training marketers in the world. His name is Bedros Keuilian and he has been teaching personal trainers how to succeed for years. Most personal trainers lack a road map, or a real plan that they can follow to succeed. Bedros Keuilian has a proven strategy and plan that works. It works so well that trainers all over the globe can attest to their rapid increase they have had with their income by brining on more clients faster than ever..

The Only Real Done-For-You Boot Camp In-A-Box Model That Guarantees You To:
Be on pace to a 6-figure income in 60 days
Flood your boot camps with new members without spending a dime
Open multiple locations taught by other trainers
Be nationally branded as the nation's #1 most popular boot camp
Skyrocket your profits with the first ever indoor boot camp business model
Have a website that literally spits out cash
Have a "built in" base of 250-2000 hot leads from day one
Have more free time, money and freedom to do what you really want
Have 100% coaching support
You want to own a REAL business, and not just a JOB so you can have more money, free time and security weather you choose to teach your boot camps or not. Fit Body Boot Camp™ Deliverers done for you marketing, systems and strategies so you can have a six to seven figure income and live the do what I want, when I want lifestyle"... Finally, someone got it right.

I can just cut to the chase and tell you that Steve Hochman and I crafted the ultimate boot camp real" business model that will put you on pace for 6-figures in 60 days! And if I was going start training again, this is the exact model I would use… But first let me explain what it does.
What Fit Body Boot Camp™ can do for your
fitness business and lifestyle:

Be on pace to make 6-figures in the first 60 days
You want to secure a high income without investing to much time and money. Fit Body Boot Camp™'s done-for-you systems, tactics and strategies will have your pulling in a 6-figure income within the first 30 days… And best of all, you'll be racking in up to seven figures from multiple locations taught by other trainers… And that means you can finally choose whether to work or not.

Pull income streams from multiple locations
Let's be real, you can't train clients forever without eventually getting burnt out. The problem with the first generation of boot camp models is you own a job - trading dollars for hours. Fit Body Boot Camp™ is built for you to have multiple 6-figure boot camp locations run by other trainers, which means FREEDOM for you.

The most innovating hot lead generating done-for-you marketing… Period
Marketing is a science - and to get it right, it requires testing, testing and more testing. We are constantly creating the highest conversion done-for-you low cost and no-cost marketing in our own boot camp test kitchen". And that means boatloads of new members for your boot camps.

Done for you systems and strategies
It was no accident that I have created, run and sold multiple seven figure fitness businesses. To do this your business has to have what I call legs." In other words it can run without you. We've created Fit Body Boot Camp™ with these same exact systems so your success will be automatic.

The first ever indoor boot camp business model
One of the worst parts about teaching boot camp is cold, dark damp mornings. And of course the rain, heat and depending on where you live… snow. Fit Body Boot Camp™ fixed that problem by cracking the code on how to easily secure indoor locations. That means no more dealing with harsh weather or ducking park rangers.

Dominate the search engines
Your Fit Body Boot Camp™ website comes ready to use and full optimized so they come up high on the search engines (especially Google). That means higher profits from more traffic to your boot camps.

Spend WAY more time doing what YOU really want
Whether it's hanging out with your family, kicking back or just having fun, owning a business and not a job means you can spend way more time doing the things you like.

Get clients AUTOMATICALLY - Even in your sleep
We are constantly testing and tweaking our test kitchen" websites. But the best part is that we automatically tweak your website so that you have the most current high conversion boot camp website on the planet. That means your profits keep going up without you having to spend an extra dime.

Gives you INSTANT expert and CELEBRITY status
We have created out-of-the-box systems and strategies to get you and your boot camp on the news several times a year causing you to out position your competitors. This means you become the local go to" AUTHORITY for fitness.

100% coaching support
We don't just hand you the keys to your boot camp business in a box… Steve and I will coach and mentor you every step of the way making it IMPOSSIBLE for you not to succeed.

Here's What's Included In Your Fit Body Boot Camp™ Business In-A-Box System

The Boot Camp Dominator Owner's Manual

The FBBC™ owner's manual jam packs all the content that's in the fast start guide, dvd's and membership site into a powerful take anywhere" guide to success. Everything from the million dollar mindset to how, to close boot camp members on 12 months contracts, to how to open your second and third location, never leaves your side in the FBBC™ owner's manual.
The Quick Start DVD Set

Here's What You'll Learn In DVD 1:

The success mindset secrets - The biggest single factor that has skyrocketed my success is mindset… That's why in DVD #1 we break down how to think big", setting long term goals, setting monthly goals, setting weekly goals, and setting daily goals so you can take control of your success.
Having the right energy - Having your energy high at your boot camps 100% of the time is key to growing each location to six-figures. We give you secret techniques to raise your energy for maximum profits.
Finding a location - In this video you'll learn the tricks to quickly finding your ideal location, negotiating like a pro to get little or no rent at the beginning and getting a smoking hot deal year round.
Getting insured - You'll learn exactly how to easily insure yourself, the facility and your instructors the proper and most cost effective way.
12 month boot camp contracts - Learn how to close your boot camp members on 12-month auto-debit contracts. No more having to resign clients or wondering what your gonna make next month.
Price Points - In this section you'll discover the secrets to why FBBC™ has the most compelling offers around, and why it's so easy to sign up over one-hundred-thousand dollars a year of boot camp member on 12-month auto debit contracts.
Signing up built-in" prospects - The in-door facilities you're going to secure come complete with 250 to 2000 built-in prospects. In this section, you will learn multiple low or no-cost methods for converting those built in prospects into paying boot camp members.

Here's What You'll Learn In DVD 2:

Gymnastic and cheer Facilities - A deeper look at how to position yourself as an expert to the facility owner and how to make them afraid that if they don't get you, their competitors will.
Pricing structure - Learn how much to charge and why as well as how to easily overcome objections. See how our skinny jeans" guarantee works and why it ads tons of value to your program as well as a longer lifetime client value.
The truth about Marketing - This section reveals the difference between branding vs. direct response marketing - and the deadly mistake most fitness professionals make.
Cash sucking sales copy - In this section we go over the tactics and strategies to writing marketing copy that sells - We also explain what your website does, why it closes so many clients and how it increases your revenue… even in your sleep.

Here's What You'll Learn In DVD 3:

How to make prospects feel at-home" when they step into your boot camp - 99% of your prospects are nervous or intimidated when they first step into your boot camp. This video shows you step-by-step what to do from the moment your prospect steps through the door, to how to immediately get maximum referrals - You'll also learn Steve's 20 second speech" that instantly vaporizes any fear your client may have.
How to neutralize any objection - Learn the powerful closing techniques including my walk away close" that will have you assuming" every sale
Running your numbers - 90% of fitness professional don't know their numbers making it very difficult to set critical goals. This section teaches you a very simple way to always know where you are, and what you need to do to get to where you want to be as fast as possible.
Training your trainers - Building an army of motivated and loyal boot camp instructors fun and easy when you know what to do. Here's where you'll discover everything from instructor management to pay scale.
The Phase-out method for rolling out multiple boot camps - There is a precise formula for opening multiple six-figure boot camp locations run by other trainers - If you don't know this system, you may be in for multiple disasters

Here's What You'll Learn In DVD 4:

Defining your purpose - Having a purpose or dream in life is key to your energy and success. This section teaches you the importance of never getting up to train clients, instead get up to accomplish your dream.
Set your brain on automatic success mode - Your going to be achieving success much faster than you may be used to. It is critical that you understand how your mind works to avoid self sabotage.
The Stand Alone Center – Every thing you need to open up your own Stand Alone Fit Body Boot Camp location is covered in the section. You'll learn how to find a location, how to negotiate rent, how to get free start up rent, how to negotiate for build out and how to get a waiting list of clients when you open your doors.

Here's What You'll Learn In DVD 5:

This DVD teaches you the details of marketing, lead generation and prospecting. You'll learn how to track your marketing results, how to find hot beds of new clients, and how to craft irresistible offers that get you tons of new leads. This one DVD will give you the knowledge and know how that many seasoned marketers will take a lifetime to learn.

How easily get local businesses to refer you tons of clients - Find out what 99% of fitness professionals are doing wrong when it comes to networking with other businesses for referrals - And the simple way to turn that around and get businesses to practically beg to network with you.
How to referrals from your clients work for free - This amazingly powerful technique for having your clients get their co-workers to sign up for your boot camp is simple and free and takes only a few minutes a day.
The referral mind control method - In this section you'll learn the 28 second, zero cost Ninja technique that Steve uses to practically turn his boot camp members into walking referral zombie machines.
Human billboard marketing - Lean the step-by-step method for Human Billboard Marketing straight from the creator himself, my partner Steve Hochman. The HBM system has made FBBC™ owners up to 24k in as little as 2 weeks.

Here's What You'll Learn In DVD 6 and 7:

There's more ways to get new clients other than paid advertisements. If you're spending money on post cards, print ads, pay per click campaigns and other expensive marketing and you haven't tapped into the low and no cost tactics available to you then you're leaving a TON of money on the table.

In these DVDs you'll discover over a dozen client getting systems that require little to no money. Best of all many of these tactics work better then paid advertising.

Here's What You'll Learn In DVD 8:

On this DVD we teach you the most effective online marketing tactics to help you attract boatloads of new clients.

You'll learn how to get clients from...



Search Engines

Pay Per Click Traffic

Deal-Of-The-Day Sites

Blogs and Websites


Email Marketing Tactics

And More!

Plus you'll learn the secret to crafting online offers that get people to call and email you asking to join your boot camp. No other online marketing system like this exists for fitness boot camps anywhere in the world.

Here's What You'll Learn In DVD 9:

This DVD goes deep into offline marketing systems. With over 22 different client getting systems explained in details and handed to you on a silver platter.

You'll learn…

How to craft postcards that pull tons of leads and prospects.
How to craft a print ad that gets people to call and email you.
How to get tons of businesses to endorse your boot camps.
How to get lead boxes in multiple businesses at once.
How to get grocery stores to promote your grocery store tours.
How to run successful body fat tables and get boatloads of leads.
How to get your press release published.
And so much more!
Here's What You'll Learn In DVD 10:

With all the marketing, prospecting, and lead generation systems we teach you, you're going to have a TON of people calling, emailing, and talking you. And the last thing you want to do is miss the sale.

Bedros Keullian :  Fit Body BootCamp

Bedros Keullian :  Fit Body BootCamp

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