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Beauty and the Beast (2012) - S1 Episode: 4 The CW
Vincent revives a 19-year old boy who was left for dead in a dumpster and rushes him to the E.R., where he remains in a coma. After Evan declares that the boy's x-rays reveal a history of bone fractures, Cat and Tess question the father, Zachary Holt, who worries that his son's ADHD and history of fighting and gambling might have gotten him mixed up with the wrong crowd. Meanwhile, Silverfox and his Murifield agents track down Cat, and offer to tell her the truth about her mother in exchange for turning over Vincent, who they insist is a monster. Cat tells Vincent about her Silverfox encounter, and Vincent realizes that Cat might be afraid of him. JT wants them to flee, but Vincent refuses to leave Cat, instead offering to surrender to Silverfox in exchange for Cat's safety.
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