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BBC - Invisible Worlds 3 Episodes DVDrip XVID | 1.76 GB

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Genre: Documentary

Using state-of-the-art technologies, Richard Hammond goes beyond the limits of the naked eye and explores the hidden secrets of the invisible world around us.
Episode 1: Speed Limits
Richard Hammond explores the extraordinary wonders of the world of detail hidden in the blink of an eye. The human eye takes about fifty milliseconds to blink. But it takes our brain around a hundred and fifty milliseconds to process what we see. We're not aware of this time lag going on, but in those few milliseconds, there are extraordinary things happening that completely pass us by. But what if we could break through this speed limit? Bend and stretch time in ways never thought possible. What new marvels would we see? Now, using the latest high-speed cameras, Richard takes us on a journey beyond our eye's limits, letting us see secrets hidden in every element of our planet. A world where thin air can shatter rock. And water can tear through metal. A world where the fastest thing on earth lies right beneath our feet. And where a spectacular celestial display is finally captured, even though many have claimed it doesn't even exist.

Episode 2: Out of Sight
The second of Hammond's attention-grabbing science shows starts with a corona. Not the Mexican beer; this corona is caused by a massive electricity leak. As it's invisible to the human eye, a special camera is needed to reveal the phenomenon, although this is less exciting than seeing lineman Duane dangle from a helicopter just inches from high-voltage lines trying to fix one. Back down on earth we discover a bee's-eye view of an ordinary flower garden when ultraviolet cameras reveal the "aircraft landing lights" marked out on the petals in a sort of secret ink that guides the insects towards pollen. And if you thought one bee looked much like another, wait till an infrared camera gives us a peek inside a hive. Once again there's plenty of whizzbang- wow photography that reminds me of something from CSI. But, while you're gawping at the visuals, you might learn something, too.
Episode 3: Off the Scale
Richard Hammond explores the astonishing miniature universe all around us, revealing that small is not only beautiful, it can also be very, very powerful. From seeing the microscopic changes to ice crystals that can trigger an avalanche to watching in horror the invisible aftermath of a sneeze on a commuter train and learning how the surface of an ordinary-looking plant hides an astounding secret that will make walking on the moon safer, Richard harnesses cutting-edge technologies to transport the viewer into a spectacular micro realm.

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