Band In A Box Ultra Pak 2008.0.0.256

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Band In A Box Ultra Pak 2008.0.0.256
Band In A Box Ultra Pak 2008.0.0.256 | Size 342 MB

The UltraPAK is the package that gives you “the Works” for Band-in-a-Box. This package includes ALL of our Styles Sets 0-76, RealDrums Sets 1-20, Soloist Sets 1-20, Melodist Sets 1-8, Real Pedal Steel, Real Acoustic Guitar, Tenor Sax soloing (RealSax) plus all of the 101 Riffs and Phrases Series, all of the Fakebooks, all of the Master Solos Series, 50 Country Guitar Solos, 200 Folk songs, CopyMe, Duets, and The Band-in-a-Box Video Tutorial PAK. The UltraPAK is guaranteed to be a great addition to any burgeoning musician’s software collection. You can easily jam the whole day with this fun and diverse collection of material!

The award winning Band-in-a-Box is an intelligent automatic accompaniment program for your multimedia computer. You can hear and play along to many song ideas and go from “nothing” to "something" in a very short period of time with Band-in-a-Box as your "on demand" backup band.

Band-in-a-Box 2008 is easy to use and jam-packed with features that you are sure to love! We've added RealTracks, MultiStyles, enhancements to the popular Audio Chord Wizard, RealDrums style changes, and much more.

General system requirements (Band-in-a-Box for Windows). Band-in-a-Box runs on Windows 98 (98SE preferred), NT, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista, and requires a minimum of 128MB available RAM (256MB or greater preferred). You should have a minimum of about 150MB (for the Pro version) or 500 MB (for the MegaPAK) of free hard disk space. This doesn't include the RealDrums and RealTracks, which require more hard disk space - about 100 MB per RealDrums set and 800 MB per RealTracks set. If you are planning on recording digital audio tracks with your songs (e.g. vocals), this will also require more hard disk space, about 10 MB per minute of audio recording.

Sound card and MIDI sound source. Band-in-a-Box is largely a MIDI program, and therefore requires a MIDI sound source (MIDI synthesizer). As mentioned, you don't need any special equipment; your computer most likely has a sound card and MIDI sound source built-in. In addition, we include a high quality software MIDI synthesizer with Band-in-a-Box that anyone can use - the Roland VSC.

There are different types of MIDI synthesizers, and as you might expect, they vary greatly in price and quality. A MIDI synth might be built into your sound card, it might be a software MIDI synth such as the VSC or widely available GS Wavetable, or it might be an external hardware unit that you connect to your computer. External MIDI synthesizers include compact sound modules such as the SD-20, or full MIDI synthesizer keyboards. These may be connected to your computer with MIDI cables and/or a MIDI interface that connects to the USB port on your computer.

External MIDI controllers. As mentioned above, you can use an external MIDI synthesizer as your sound generator. You can also use a MIDI keyboard, MIDI guitar, or MIDI wind controller to record or play live along with Band-in-a-Box. This is certainly not a requirement to use Band-in-a-Box, but it can augment your experience and aid in practicing and composition. For example, you could enter chords using MIDI Chord Detection, or record melodies and edit them in the Notation Window. The most inexpensive and convenient MIDI keyboards are simply MIDI controllers which don't generate sound by themselves. Most are simple to use - simply connect them to a USB port on your computer and select the MIDI Input Driver in Band-in-a-Box. Other synths you connect with MIDI cables and/or a MIDI interface.

Audio playback and recording. For audio playback and recording, advanced users can benefit from having a dedicated sound card or audio interface - in other words, a sound card that is separate from the one that might have come as part of your computer's motherboard. If you will be doing audio recording, you can plug in your equipment directly to the sound card (often stereo 1/8" jacks), or for better results with "built-in" soundscards, use a pre-amp or mixer and plug that into your sound card's line-in jack. You may wish to have headphones for monitoring.

Speakers. This may sound obvious, but it is often overlooked... A good set of amplified speakers or headphones can make a world of difference, especially if you are using a laptop computer.

Other software programs. You certainly don't need any other programs to use Band-in-a-Box, however many people use a sequencer like PowerTracks Pro Audio in conjunction with Band-in-a-Box. This is because you can save your Band-in-a-Box songs as standard MIDI or wave files which can be imported into other programs for further editing. You can import these files into a multi-track sequencer/digital audio editor (like PowerTracks), then fine-tune your performances, record extra audio tracks, add digital audio effects, and so on.

Program is full version 100% working and tested.


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