Babylon 5: The Geometry of Shadows - Minbari Project 2010

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Babylon 5: The Geometry of Shadows - Minbari Project 2010 | 1.35 GB

PC | ENG | Developer: OpenSpace Softworks CIG | Publisher: OpenSpace Softworks CIG | Year: 2010 |
Genre: Fighting a sci-fi simulator
Description :Version : 1.0 BETA (there are explanations in the "description")
Publication Type : License
Language : English
Voice Language : English
Crack : Not required
System requirements :
Processor: AMD Athlon XP/64/X2, Intel P4/Core 2 Duo, or equivalent
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Win 7
Video: GeForce 5xxx or Radeon 9xxx or another OpenGL-compatible
Sound: OpenAL-compatible sound card
Memory: 1 GB RAM, 2 GB recommended
Estimated disk space required: 3,78 Gb
efore you begin the game, carefully studying the following description and additional information. You are cautioned that questions like "how to turn on autopilot," "where to fly," or, worse, "how to budge," etc., etc., shall not be responsible, in principle.
The description is in the form of FAQ - read all
Q: What is Babylon 5: The Geometry of Shadows - Minbari Project (B5: TgoS - MP) and why the BETA?
about: Babylon 5: The Geometry of Shadows - Minbari Project is based engine Freespace Open (as amended by OSS - FSO_OSE), sci-fi simulator, based on laid down the basic principles of the universe "Babylon 5, created by JM Strazhinsky. Now pointless to enumerate all the differences from the classical Freespace Open, denoted only important, because the others stem from it - physics. Of course, saying that she is completely "Newtonian" we will not (this is due to certain limitations arising out of certain properties of classical FSO, which was a defining moment in the decision to launch a completely new engine), but at the moment, all the main features of this physics implemented. So the whole game-play has been rewritten in accordance with this model and, in essence, no different from a similar project IFH: D & O. However, some innovations are experimental in nature, and therefore not optimized for the best way, however, this circumstance will not affect the transmission, etc. caused this situation to the fact that a team of two programmers. You understand that work simultaneously on two projects, so even on a commercial basis, is not the most, to put it mildly fun. Nevertheless, we hope that the team (B5: TgoS Team), to whom the management of the project, bring to mind all that is necessary.

Q: What is it waiting for us in this project?
A: B5: TgoS - MP create 3 related storyline campaign. Each of them contains 20 actual departures. Passage can start with any of the three, but we strongly recommend to play, respectively, internal order: Part 1 - The Unity, Part 2 - When the Darkness Falls, Part 3 - The Beginning. Each campaign can be traversed on any difficulty level. The only problem, is also associated with a lack of people in the team, lack of internal rollers that, indirectly, but may affect the understanding of the overall storyline. Regarding the story itself, very briefly, this is the case: the action takes place, approximately, in 1280 ZK; player supports pilot Minbari Federation, in the course of campaigns to fight with compatriots from NMF, Drakhami and, finally, the Shadows.

Q: How many abstractions in the project?
A: Approximately, at the IFH: D & O, can be a little more. For example, in multi-level missions, you will notice such a thing as a full fuel load at the beginning of each new level, with no explanation. This is due to our unsuccessful attempt to "prescribe" refuel during a long flight, as it were, for example F16BFOps. Actually, the failure is due to "above" features of FSO.

Q: Will there be some basic tactical recommendations?
A: Absolutely! First, a short list of critical recommendations: Avoid at all costs falling rockets, the best way to achieve this - time to start some sparks, but you can avoid falling through the maneuver, the dc bias at high speed, in combat, except for certain tactical operations such as regrouping, not fly at low speeds (below 600m / s); try to avoid situations "forehead-to-forehead, especially if you're new to the genre, do not fight" solo "- pointless and futile," no one fights alone, and in general , "not the heroism of there." Second, the recommendation is to overcome the "heavy points" and protracted battle. You will have command of units available, most often. Here is one example of conduct against the "very intelligent" enemies, it is risky, but effective: regroup its pilots, wait until the enemy will approach nearer, and then give the whole team formations to attack your target ... Before performing the maneuver, you must ensure that the formation consists of at least 3-4 units.

Generally, the situations are different, for example, if an enemy unit carries missiles, do not expect that it instantly turns into a radius of destruction of pulse / beam guns. In this case, the enemy will move "on the slip vector 's relatively high speed that will impede access to a convenient attack vector as instruments of near-and long-range combat.

Let's hope that other methods of struggle you will be able to develop themselves. In case if you are in any case, will have difficulty in passing (well not get me to pass this mission - it is not possible), we left the function of invulnerability, is activated by pressing F12, press again off mode.

And the last. NIKODGDA DO NOT FORGET TO RETURN TO "battle mode" after a long flight!
Ext. Information :
Section contains a number of technical issues and a list of critical keys - read all
1. After you install or remove the checkmark "Install OpenAl"
2. Before the start of the game, run the Launcher.exe, and make sure that the resolution of the GUI is set to 1024x768, Color depth - 32bit
3. If you monitor LCD, remove from the command line launcher'a flag "-ogl_factor 85"
4. If you put a game on Windows XP, it is recommended to use a short name, installation path, it will default as - C: \ Programm Files \ OpenSpce Softworks \ Babylon 5: The Geometry of Shadows - Minbari Project 1.0 BETA, recommend that you change like this - C : \ Programm Files \ OpenSpce Softworks \ B5TGOSMP, well, or how it will be convenient, as long as the path was short.

List of critical keys that you need to know. If anything, in your opinion, is not very convenient, you can always set up "for themselves":

"W" - Fly Forward
"A" - Fly Feft
"S" - Fly backward
"D" - Fly right
"TAB + W" - Afterburner Forward
"TAB + S" - Afterburner Backward

"LMB" - Primary Fire
"CMB" - Secondary Fire
"RMB" - Target Object in Reticle

"SHIFT + 1" - Increase Engine Power (affects to accelerations but lowers primary recharge)
"SHIFT + 2" - Increase Weapon Power (affects to primary recharge but lowers accelerations)

"SHIFT + N" - Switcher between NAVIGATION and BATTLE modes
"N" - cycle NAV points
"ALT + A" - Autopilot switcher (ON / OFF)

"V" - Launch countermeasures
"C" - Reset message board


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