Autodesk Softimage 2010 SP1 32 bit

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Autodesk Softimage 2010 SP1 32 bit
Autodesk Softimage 2010 SP1 32 bit | 690Mb

Autodesk Softimage 2010 - a new version of software for creating visual effects, modeling and visualization. For quite a long time CG artists successfully using Softimage in the production of films, video games, 3D animated films. Architecture program is based on nodes paradigm.

Technology for creating UV unwrapping in automatic mode
Softimage is a new technology to create UV unwrapping can accommodate a polygonal model of the plane just a few clicks. All the advantages of using this technology will be most noticeable when you create a reaming of complex organic models. Also, in Softimage 7.5 built-in UV editor for creating and editing of UV maps.

mental ray 3.7 +
In Softimage 7.5 integrated version 3.7 + render mental ray. In the new version improved render the binary division of space, which leads to increase productivity, implement multiple passes final gathering and new motion-based algorithm for creating displacement (displacement).

Multithreading simulator behavior tissues Syflex
Well-known simulator behavior tissues Syflex became multithreaded. This innovation will allow to use all the processor cores, enabling a significant boost in performance.

New technologies and tools

Autodesk Face Robot

In movies, games, television requires 3D-animated face. Applying appeared in the 2010 Autodesk Softimage technology Autodesk Face Robot, it became possible to make animation more realistic and easier.

Face Robot-grid can be exported to Autodesk Maya.

F-Curve Editor Performance

With a large number of curves and the keys can be very difficult to understand and manage the process of animation. The new editor makes this work more effective

New tools for working with nodes for ICE systems

With Geometry Accessors we work with the attributes of the geometry of character and scene.

With Multi-Phase Execution appeared able to control the order of ports in the nodes.

Local Attributes - a feature within a site used by ICE, to store data within the tree ICE.

ICE (Interactive Creative Environment) - the effects can be exported to Maya.

In the ICE has become possible to determine the bottlenecks in the work sites. Now you can visually identify - what processes related nodes require more time-consuming

Monitoring the effectiveness of the operators

To determine the bottlenecks in the distribution of resources in the work of the operators in the scene, you can contact the debugger scenes.

Scene selection

With the new tool of choice scenes, we can make this operation in a simple drop-down menu.

Grouping layers

Now it is possible to group layers in the Scene Layer.

Tweak Normal Tool - a tool that allows you to view normal to the grid.

Automatic stamping keys for the camera

When controlling the camera navigational aids in the viewport, the keys appear in the automatic mode.


This is a text editor, which includes a number of others: Script Editor, Text Widget, Scripted Operator Editor, and the Expression Editor.

Usovershenistvovaniie UI

When working with a character mode display of shadows, is supported by a display of bones.


When the utility Crosswalk, you can perform data transfer from Autodesk Softimage 2010 to / from Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya. Formats: last dotXSI, COLLADA and FBX.

Among other innovations Softimage 2010 can be identified: increased performance when working with large volumes of data, thanks to technology GigaCore III; means for creating a new ICE-systems (ICE Rigid Bodies, ICE Fluids and ICE Cloth); tools Scene Debugger to display information on consumption memory and performance while working with a particular scene, a set of tools for searching across the stage, improved compatibility with Maya and other software from Autodesk.

Autodesk Softimage 2010 SP1 32 bit





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