AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition 2.1.26

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AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition 2.1.26

AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition 2.1.26 | 12.58 MB

AthTek NetWalk is one of the best packet sniffing tool in the administration of all kinds of networks. It can be well used by both experienced and new network administrators in packet sniffing and traffic analyzing. If you wish to gain in depth knowledge about network infrastructure and management, try to use this best packet sniffing tool and you will be an experienced network administrator in a few weeks!

AthTek NetWalk contains graphical representations of the network status with the use of advanced packet sniffing, to help project the network state in statistical and graphical format. Network administrators can easily get the traffic details from diagrams. Built-in packet filter can help you a lot with intrusion detection, all protocols are supported. AthTek NetWalk V2.0 perfectly supports IPv6, and get an integration with Wireshark which enables a better packet sniffing performance in network monitoring.

Network Monitoring:
Most of people are being pressured to see more of the usage, performance hurdles, and security risks across their networks. Especially for the business network, it contains huge business data which should be protected seriously. Network monitoring is becoming increasingly important at all place and all times. A well designed network monitoring system helps increase network performance, security, and compliance. It guarantees network and application performance or easily packet sniffing to get communication details. Network monitoring also enables the intrusion detection and theft of intellectual property. And it can support the increasing regulatory compliance mandates. AthTek NetWalk should be a best choice for business network monitoring. It monitors the network traffic by packet sniffing, and generate graphical representations by communication details via protocols.

Network Traffic Analyzing:
AthTek NetWalk is a super network analyzer for network administrators. It monitors the real-time data traffic on the network, and led them to the professional analyzer to generate network traffic analyzing charts. Multi-protocols enables you to know every detail about your network within different layers, including Application Layer, Transport Layer and Physical Layer. It is good at packet sniffing and enables to analyze the real-time packet by built-in Wireshark. All the captured traffic data can be saved as trace files for further use. And by using the Matrix Map, you can see all the connections directly.

Intrusion Detection:
Network intrusion detection is a type of security management system for networks. An intrusion detection system integrates and analyzes data from various areas within a network to identify possible security risk, which include both intrusions from outside and misuse from local area network. Intrusion detection monitors the entire network and kick intrusion out by packet sniffing. AthTek NetWalk can help network administrators conveniently build up the intrusion detection system which is technology developed to assess the security of network.

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