ASXGui 2.5 Portable

Software, Portable. July 19, 2010 by Lastsoft2.
ASXGui 2.5 Portable
ASXGui 2.5 Portable | 49.41 Mb

It seems these days programs are either very easy with hardly any advanced features, or filled with advanced features, but confusing to use. ASXGui aims to be so user friendly that you know how to use it as soon as you open it, but you can also access tons of advanced features if you would like to as well. All you have to do is simply drag a video in and click encode, ASXGui figures out everything else for you. However, if you would like to configure every little option yourself, ASXGui also provides the versatility to do so, and with a great deal of control.

Current Features:
-Import any type of video file
-Output to MP4, MKV, or Blu-ray
-Import separate audio sources
-Drag and Drop Source Files
-Ability to remux audio instead of recompressing.
-Automatic Resize based on bitrate
-Automatic Bitrate based on resolution
-Overrideable Aspect Ratio
-Maximum Resolution (default maximum is original resolution adjusted for Aspect Ratio)
-Custom Bitrate and Resolution
-Ability to change Frame Rate
-Deinterlacing/Inverse Telecine (Click deinterlace and change FPS to 23.976)
-Ability to encode in ether 1 or 2 pass
-Ability to encode Lossless (1 pass, target quality 0)
-Auto crop off black bars
-Custom audio bitrate
-Save settings as Default or Custom profiles
-Ability to enforce x264 profiles
-Ability to set a maximum bitrate
-Custom crop
-Advanced x264 Options
-Job Queue
-Ability to downmix Audio to stereo
-Select from multiple audio tracks in vob/mpg files
-Options Dialog
-Multiple Audio Track Encoding
-Import/Export Profiles
-About Dialog
-Encode.log saved for each encoding job. (Saved in ASXGui\Logs)
-Add Black Bars (Maximum resolution, Allow Black Bars)
-Separate Aspect control for input and output, useful for anamorphic encodes.
-Auto Shutdown/Hibernate/Exit control
-Add to iTunes (for iPod formatted video)
-Generates Screenshots from input file

-The Automatic Resolution/Bitrate is calculated using an equation that produces similar bitrates/resolutions as Nero Recode's Auto Resize feature.
-Make sure you don't have any audio upmixers enabled, or set them to output the audio's original channels. Otherwise all audio sources will be encoded multichannel, and stereo sources will have lower bitrates.
-1 GB = 1 billion bytes exact so things like 4.7 GB for DVD should work just fine. (1 GiB = 1,073,741,824 bytes)
-When loading a MPEG2/AVC type file, it can take a while to load, just wait, the program isn't hanging. (Same goes for large video files during the "Loading Video..." stage of pass 1)

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