ArirangTV Simply K-POP - 2014.01.21

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ArirangTV Simply K-POP - 2014.01.21

심플리케이팝 - 2014.01.21
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♬ VIXX - Thank you for my love

VIXX debuted in 2012 and the group had a busy 2013 with fan favorites like "Voodoo Doll", from their Nov. 2013 album.

"Thank you for my love" is also from VIXX's Nov. 2013 album.
It's a ballad about surprising a girlfriend on her birthday.
♬ HISTORY - What am I to you?

HISTORY debuted in April 2013. In November, the group came out with a new mini-album and a new "bad boy" look.

"What am I to you?" is the title track of their Nov. 2013 album.
It's a latin-pop crossover about a guy's unrequited love for a girl.
♬ TASTY - Day'n Night (Remix ver)

TASTY is a duo made up of the twins, Dae-ryong & So-ryong.
They debuted in August 2012.

TASTY released the single "Day'n Night" in Nov. 2013.
"Day'n Night" is about a guy who's been betrayed by love.
♬The BOSS - Why Goodbye

The BOSS debuted in 2010 and after working mostly in Japan, they returned to K-Pop with the new mini-album, "Chapter II".

"Why Goodbye" is the main track on their Nov. 2013 mini-album.
It has a smooth, catchy melody that highlights their vocal skills.
♬ Kim So Jung (with Heo Kong) - You, Then You

Kim So Jung debuted in 2012 and in December 2013, she released the sentimental single, "You, Then You".

"You, Then You" is the title track and it's about reminiscing over a past relationship that can never be rekindled.

♬ AlphaBAT - AB CITY

AlphaBAT is a group of 9 members (initials from B to J) that debuted in November 2013 with the digi-single, "AB City".

"AB City" is a blend of trap music and electronica; it introduces AlphaBAT and their high hopes for the future.

NC.A debuted in Aug. 2013 as one of the year's hot new artists.
She released her 2nd single, "OH MY GOD", in November 2013.

"OH MY GOD" has catchy, fun lyrics about a sweet guy who's become fed up with a girlfriend that takes him for granted.
♬ Wa$$up - Nom Nom Nom

Wa$$up is a hip-hop girl group that has 7 members.
They debuted in the summer of 2013.

"Nom Nom Nom" is the title track of their Nov. 2013 single.
It tells all the guys out there to "let loose and dance" like Wa$$up.

♬ LUSH - Yesterday

LUSH is a 3-member group of female vocalists that debuted with a single in July 2013.

"Yesterday" is the title track of their November 2013 album.
It's about hoping that time will heal the pain from a break-up.
♬ M-tiful (Feat. Kim Eun-mi) - It's Just Love

M-tiful is a male duo that debuted in 2012.
They released their 3rd digital single in Nov. 2013.

The title track, "It's Just Love", is about the resentment and sorrow you feel towards the one who's broken your heart.
♬ Heyne - Love 007

Heyne debuted in the summer of 2013 with "Dalla", and released her 2nd album in December 2013.

"Love 007" is the title track of her December album and it's a cute dance song about having a crush on someone.
♬ TREN-D - Candy Boy

TREN-D made its debut in October 2013 with "Candy Boy", a retro dance-disco single.

The lyrics of "Candy Boy" are about a girl who wants the guy she likes to confess his true feelings for her.
♬ K-MUCH - Good to Go

K-MUCH is a 5-member group that debuted in early January with the mini-album, "Beyond The Ocean".

"Good to Go" is the main track on their debut album.
It's about having the strength and courage to move forward.
♬ Fwaney With Summit (Feat. ScAr) - Tonight

Fwaney is an artist who debuted in 2012.
She's currently working in the girl group, Fwaney with Summit.

"Tonight" is Fwaney With Summit's Dec. 2013 digital single.
The song is about the last night of a relationship.

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