Alpha Media PinkNotes Plus v4.70.03

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Alpha Media PinkNotes Plus v4.70.03

Alpha Media PinkNotes Plus v4.70.03 // iMST
Secure Business Instant Messaging Software

Whether you want to send Instant Messages down the hall, or across the world, PinkNotes® Plus is the Easiest, Fastest, and most Efficient Business IM software available, to deal with real-world business requirements.

Throw away those pink message's PinkNotes® Plus!

Replace your intra-office emails with PinkNotes® Plus

10 reasons why many companies are replacing their intra-office emails with PinkNotes® Plus:

1. Messages are delivered instantly.
2. You will not receive spam from unknown people outside of your office.
3. You can keep your employees from wasting time by chatting and emailing with friends from outside your office.
4. Arrival of new messages can be displayed in different options and sounds can audibly alert recipients of new message arrivals.
5. All messages can be easily encrypted and archived.
6. Your messages never leave your company's network (when you have the PNP Master setup on your LAN).
7. You can see when people are using PinkNotes® Plus before you send a message to them.
8. If your Internet connection is down you will still be able to send messages because, you do not need to have Internet access to use PinkNotes® Plus.
9. You can quickly reply to messages with just one mouse click.
10. Setup messages beforehand to send at future date and time with the Send Later feature.

Central Storage of all Messages
This new feature in PNP v4 gives you the ability to login from any PNP Client and you will always have the most up-to-date messages and logs. This includes our new web browser version that allows you to send and receive messages from any ******** that has a web browser and internet access.

Encryption of all Messages
PNP v4 now encrypts all data transferred between the PNP Master and Clients. The encryption algorithm that is used is IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm). This algorithm uses a 128bit key and is considered one of the most secure ways to encrypt data.

This security option is an important feature for anyone sending messages over the internet or any not private connections.

Attach Multiple Files
PNP v4 allows multiple file attachments per PinkNotes™, simply click on the 'Attach' button and select as many files as you need. You can also drag-and-drop files directly into a PinkNotes™ while exploring your computer. Multiple files and folder contents can be sent by selecting, and dragging them into a PinkNotes™.

Carbon Copy
PNP v4 allows you to send PinkNotes™ to users without having their names appear on the sent to list.

Spell Checking
PNP v4 comes with a spell checking dictionary. Save time checking over your PinkNotes™ for spelling errors let PNP v4 do it for you. It will even allow customized words, so you do not have to click the 'Ignore' button every time you use abbreviated words or code. It adjusts to your needs and your Language.

Phone Book
PNP v4 now remembers vital address information, and fills it in automatically the very next time you type it. Save time not only for yourself but for your clients as well.

Unlimited Groups
PNP v4 allows you to create as many User Groups as your office requires.

Easily connect to Multiple Masters
PNP v4 makes connection with Multiple Masters in a snap. A User can simply scan for a Master at the Login screen and select the appropriate Master to join. Administrators can name individual Masters and add the IP addresses to the list... and you are connected.

Improved Message viewing
PNP v4 views messages in a whole new way, no more tabs. Messages will now pop up by clicking the link of the message you want to read. No more wading through all of your messages to see if the message you were waiting for finally came simply click the link with the right subject.

Web and PDA Version of Client
PNP v4 lets you check messages from anywhere. PinkNotes™ gives you the freedom to travel, and stay in touch while you are on the road. Access your messages with a simple web browser or PDA with PNP online.

From any web browser just type the address of your PNP Master into the URL box to login.

Improved Log window
The PNP v4 Log window is faster and more versatile than ever before. Clickable links show you the messages you want to see. Search through your messages using the new search engine.

Improved Conference Rooms
PNP v4 Conference Rooms sends your text messages more quickly and allows you to create private rooms to invite only those that you've specified. PinkNotes™ sends the user a message to join the conference.

Improved Printing
PNP v4 prints multiple messages better and allows you to print to a network printer.

Easier Setup and Administration
PNP v4 installs quickly and easily. Upgrades or full installations can be done without turning off the computer after the installation is done. Do upgrades without having to back up files.

Away Status
PNP v4 lets you know if a user has not used their computer for an extended period of time.

Send Text Messages to Cell Phones
PNP v4 lets you easily send short text messages to most cell phones and pagers. For any users that specify their cell phone and carrier, in their Settings window, you will easily be able to send them text messages from the PNP New Message window.

Global Groups
In the PNP Master Settings you can easily create Global Groups of your users that can be applied to all of your users. So, an administrator can keep your groups up-to-date without having to change settings for each user.

Auto Email Carbon Copy
The Auto Email Carbon Copy feature gives you the ability to automatically email a copy of every PinkNote sent by all users to one or more email addresses. This is useful for companies that would like to do there own supervising, administration and/or archiving of all PinkNotes sent.

4.70.02 Released
Fixed a file transfer attachment issue


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