All Aspect Warfare RIP-Unleashed

Games. August 19, 2009 by CONFiG.
All Aspect Warfare RIP-Unleashed
All Aspect Warfare RIP-Unleashed | 179.54 MB

A critical planetside tactical strike mission gone horribly wrong.
Shot down. Stranded. Lost. Left for dead.
The only way off this rock is through a very powerful enemy.
What else could possibly go wrong?

…apart from that ticking thermo-nuclear planet killer our drop ship launched earlier.

Gameplay Highlights

* Massive. Open World. Mayhem.
* Six unique playable character classes with various strengths, weaknesses and restrictions.
* Over twenty-four first person weapons of varying types which range from pistols and sniper rifles to machine guns, rocket launchers and various grenades.
* Various advanced first person inventory items such as cloaking devices, shield enhancements, sensor jammers etc as well as various deployable assets such as gun and rocket turrets.
* Ability to build various in game units such as vehicles, fighters etc based on Experience Points, rank and other factors.
* Over thirty playable units including vehicles, gunships, fighters, shuttles, naval units etc. All units are class based. e.g. marines cannot fly gunships or fighters; pilots do not have access to advanced weaponry, some marines have jetpacks etc. All units supported in multiplayer with multiuse positions (e.g. driver, gunner, passengers).
* Gamers are free to play any aspect based on their strengths. Not a first/third person shooter fan and prefer the exhilaration of aerial combat? Then take on various aerial sorties including escort, SAD, SEAD and CAP missions while supporting ground troops. Not an air combat jock but prefer the immediate threatening presence of hand-held weapons of mass destruction? Then you’ll feel right at home with various weapons and toys including jetpacks, target laser designators (so your air combat friends can easily id targets) etc.
* Full squad command of NPC team members with an intuitive orders interface system.
* Engaging campaign storyline and several instant action missions
* 32 player support and five multiplayer modes including PVP deathmatch and team deathmatch as well as four player co-op against aggressive Gammulan aircrafts. Host and join a game using a single instance or host a dedicated console multiplayer server and invite your friends.
Supports GSC game lobby and voice chat. More information is available at
64 player official ranked servers with stats tracking, integrated lobby and more.
* Fully integrated in-game document viewer with quick access to game commands, manual and tutorial documents.

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