Alive Task Manager Bilingual

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Alive Task Manager Bilingual

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Updated and enhanced Alive Task Manager will allow you to schedule and complete all scheduled tasks in time. The revised interface of the program acquired a calendar that will allow you to see all tasks for one day, week or month visually on the timeline. "Tasks for Today" is an everyday and very effective tool for scheduling and controlling your tasks. All tasks are displayed as a list for today, tasks that should be finished todays are highlighted, tasks for several days ahead are marked. It is possible to print out schedules on the printer. Convenient navigation, quick search for the record you need, task tree, reminders and repetitions will make scheduling a simple and pleasant activity. You will be able to focus on achieving your aims only.

Task management software - Alive Task Manager is a unique electronic task manager allowing you to schedule various tasks and control how they are fulfilled. Using Alive Task Manager does not come down to keeping the record of things to do.

It also allows you to generate and view your personal schedule or to do lists, remind you about various events in advance, create repeated tasks, set rules for moving tasks, create to do lists etc.

Alive Task Manager allows you to arrange the entire list of tasks in the form of folders by topics (a tree of folders as in Windows Explorer). You can create various folders (for example, business, personal events, employees, etc.) and to place the corresponding tasks in them. A special folder All tasks will allow you to display all events created in Alive Task Manager as a single list, which is really convenient while you are searching for and viewing them. Each record in Alive Task Manager contains a lot of various fields grouped by tabs in a smart and convenient way. The Export/Import features implemented in task organizer will make it much easier to move data, while those users who have to work on several computers (for instance, on a laptop and on a desktop) are sure to appreciate the Synchronization feature.

Each task in Alive Task Manager can be presented in a separate window with separate tabs located in a smart and convenient way. For instance, the General tab contains the general information about each task, while the Main tab contains the main information about it. The Extra tab contains additional fields for a more detailed description of each task. There are also tabs called Doers and Comments.

Task management software allows you to describe any task in detail using these fields (title, start and end date and time, priority and status, fulfillment percentage, estimated and spent time, supervisor, doers, etc.). If it is necessary to give a detailed description of a task or write some notes, there is a text field labeled Comments.

Schedule software of Alive Task Manager allows you not only to create, modify or remove tasks, but also generate and view a schedule for a specific date. The schedule for the selected date is generated automatically. The ready-made schedule can be printed or saved to a file. It is also possible to show or hide fulfilled tasks in the to do lists. By clicking the label of a particular task in the schedule, you can open it and make the necessary changes.

Alive Task Manager provides you with broad opportunities concerning the configuration of reminders about tasks and controlling their fulfillment. You can configure any task in this schedule software so that the reminder message will appear on the screen or the task will be repeated again and again at any interval (day, week, month, etc.). You can set rules for modifying the task in case it is fulfilled, its fulfillment time is enlarged or it is behind schedule, etc. You can schedule any files or programs to be launched when a task is started.

Using Alive Task Manager will allow you to increase not only your discipline, but also efficiency.

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