Alien Skin Eye Candy Revision 18819

Software, Graphic & Design. September 5, 2011 by Muawia.
Alien Skin Eye Candy Revision 18819
Alien Skin Eye Candy Revision 18819 | 52.97 MB

Team Alien Skin Software Eye Candy updated for Adobe Photoshop up to version Revision 18 819. Eye Candy, a collection of 30 filters with the 1,000 th and 1,500 presets-mi all kinds of settings with which you can mount a beautiful and realistic effects in Adobe Photoshop.

Eye Candy filters are divided into two groups.
Text & Selection (Text & Selection) group consists of a filter, which is usually applied to shapes, such as a text layer or logo with a transparent background.
Group Textures (Textures) consists of filters that are usually applied to the entire image is therefore appropriate to apply these filters to create the background.

Many of the filters in this category will generate content and fill the empty layer with the filter. Other filters are in this category may create a picturesque effect of a change the main image.
Text & Selection Filters - set includes the following filters:
• Bevel creates a wide range of stamping, cutting and oblique forms mimics shiny metal with adjustable smoothness and corner rounding. Bevel is perfect for creating interface buttons, stunning text and much more.
• Chrome - Chrome simulates polished chrome, liquid metal and other shiny surfaces. In Chrome implemented advanced technology of reflection, which gives a more realistic effect.
• Corona (corona, a halo) is designed for a variety of flares and auroras.
• Drip (liquid dripping) is used to overlay images rastekshegosya effect.
• Extrude simulates retro 3-D shape and lighting
• Fire (fire), as the name implies, creates a bright flame.
• Glass - simulates the effect of the glass, with the choice of shadow, reflection, refraction of light.
• Gradient Glow - Glow - creates a simple halo of light or a rainbow around any selected object. On the "Gradient" Glow can be surrounded by objects of neon lights, eerie fog, and much more
• Icicles (icicles) can be used to "cover" image ice.
• Motion Trail creates semi-transparent strip along the path.
• Perspective Shadow creates 3-D perspective and shadow, and reflection.
• Rust (rust) imposes on the image of a spot of rust, moss and mold.
• Smoke (smoke) to create a fog, smog and smoke.
• Snow Drift piles snow on the added pre-selected horizontal surfaces (simulates snow on rooftops, in trees, etc.) and allows to adjust the thickness, the fraction of snow, etc.

The group Textures - includes a set of 15 filters to generate textures such as:
Animal Fur (animal fur), Brick Wall (Brick Wall), Diamond Plate (sheet metal), Marble (Marble), Reptile Skin (Skin reptiles), Stone (Stone), Wall (Wall), Swirl (Twist), Texture Noise (noise texture), Weave (wreath), Wood (Tree), etc.
Configure all filters have a similar interface. In the Eye Candy: Textures can see a group of tabs with settings for the selected filter and preview window. In the upper part is a small preview window in which to display the original image. To see the original image in the main viewing window, press and hold the left button next to the window. There are buttons for zooming the same image and change its position in the preview window. Depending on the type of texture is generated with the parameters of the number of tabs may vary. However, for each of the textures created by the plugin is necessarily present the tab Settings. On this tab you can see the library of pre-harvest. Any settings specified by the user in addition, you can add to the overall list blanks. They will be listed in the box User Settings. In addition, it is possible to export and import options generated texture format AS Filter Setting (*. f1s).

Eye Candy is support for the standard 16-bit, CMYK mode is compatible with 64-bit Photoshop CS4, CS5.
The new version greatly increased productivity, improved zoom mode, revamped setup, improved filter "light", the panel will be to quickly create an attractive touch of a button, bug fixes, version Eye Candy 6 now supports 64-bit Photoshop CS5.

System requirements
• Microsoft Windows XP or later.
• Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher
• Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 and up
• Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2
Size: 53 MB
All Inclusive (X-FORCE)


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