Alan Kuo - Leader Of The Parade Original Soundtrack [2012]

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Taiwan cinema's latest local hit, Din Tao: Leader of the Parade surprisingly won the 2012 Chinese New Year box-office war amidst fierce competition. Inspired by the extraordinary true story of Taichung's Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Arts Troupe, the film revolves around a group of young people who engages themselves in the increasingly marginalized folk culture of parade-leading performance at temple fairs, and their endeavor to reinvent the traditional artform for the mass audience. Starring pop stars Alan Kuo and Alien Huang, Din Tao notably marks the film debut of Golden Bell Award-winning director Fung Kai (Green Forest, My Home).

Produced by musician Fred Lui of Cape No. 7 and Night Market Hero fame, the Original Soundtrack Album of Din Tao houses 12 tracks of music score as well as 6 songs performed by Alan Kuo, including two versions of the titular theme song.

Alan Kuo - Leader Of The Parade Original Soundtrack [2012]
柯有倫(アラン・コー) - Ost - Din Tao : Leader Of The Parade
Release 発売日: 2012.02.17
Bitrate 音質: 128Kbps+VBR
Genre ジャンル: Pop Soundtrack
Rate オススメ: ★★★★☆

Size: 74.63Mb (vbr) 46.98Mb (128Kbps)
File name: 130412-AlanKuo-LeaderParade-2012-vbr

01 阵头 (CD版) (柯有纶) | Zhen Tou (CD Version) (Alan Kuo)
02 醒来后 (柯有纶) | Xing Lai Hou (Alan Kuo)
03 追分 (配乐) | Zhui Fen (Soundtrack)
04 挑衅 (配乐) | Tiao Xin (Soundtrack)
05 阿母 (配乐) | A Mu (Soundtrack)
06 不一样的阵头 (配乐) | Bu Yi Yang De Zhen Tou (Soundtrack)
07 迷幻森林 (配乐) | Mi Huan Sen Lin (Soundtrack)
08 爱你 (柯有伦) | Ai Ni (Alan Kuo)
09 酒瓶 (配乐) | Jiu Ping (Soundtrack)
10 出发啦 (配乐) | Chu Fa La (Soundtrack)
11 凑团 (配乐) | Cou Tuan (Soundtrack)
12 雨中的三太子 (配乐) | Yu Zhong De San Tai Zi (Soundtrack)
13 再给我多一天 (柯有纶) | Zai Gei Wo Duo Yi Tian (Alan Kuo)
14 弹珠汽水 (配乐) | Dan Zhu Qi Shui (Soundtrack)
15 枝仔冰 (配乐) | Zhi Zi Bing (Soundtrack)
16 全力以赴 (柯有纶) | Quan Li Yi Fu (Alan Kuo)
17 阵头序曲 (怒涛) | Zhen Tou Xu Qu (Nu Tao)
18 阵头 (电影版) (柯有纶) | Zhen Tou (Movie Version) (Alan Kuo)

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