AKB48 - Team A 3rd stage "Dareka no Tame ni " - studio recordings Collection - 2013

Asia, Japanese. January 10, 2013 by ranikid.

Reissue from AKB48's "studio recordings collection" series featuring remastering. Comes with a karaoke CD. Part of 10-album AKB48 remastered reissue series features albums, Team A 1st stage "PARTY ga Hajimaruyo," Team A 2nd stage "Aitakatta," Team A 3rd stage "Dareka no Tame ni ," Team A 4th stage "Tada Ima Renai Chu," Team K 1st stage "PARTY ga Hajimaruyo," Team K 2nd stage "Seishun Girls," Team K 3rd stage "Nonai Paradise," Team B 1st stage "Seishun Girls," Team B 2nd stage "Aitakatta," and Himawari Gumi 1st stage "Boku no Taiyo.

AKB48 - チームA 3rd Stage「誰かのために」 ~studio recordings コレクション~
AAC / V0 (VBR) / CD
Genre: Pop Dance Idol

[AKB48アルバム『studio recordings コレクション』全10タイトル] AKB48劇場公演セットリストの永久保存盤! 名曲たちが最高音質で蘇る!! 国民的アイドルグループAKB48の劇場公演セットリストに基づいた名曲たち「studio recordingコレクション (全10タイトル)」をRe-トラックダウン & Re-マスタリング! AKB48劇場公演における数々のセットリストが最高音質で蘇ります! このプロダクツは歌やダンスの練習もできるカラオケCD付きの豪華な2枚組永久仕様のまさに永久保存盤!! ◆ CD + カラオケCD (2007年3月7日発売CD (DFCL-1353)のRe-トラックダウン & Re-マスタリングにカラオケCDを付けた2枚組)

1. [Disc 1] overture [Disc 1] OVERTURE
2. [Disc 1] 月見草/ AKB48 [Disc 1] TSUKIMISOU/ AKB48
3. [Disc 1] Warning/ AKB48 [Disc 1] WARNING/ AKB48
4. [Disc 1] 誕生日の夜/ AKB48 [Disc 1] TANJOUBI NO YORU/ AKB48
5. [Disc 1] Bird/ AKB48 [Disc 1] BIRD/ AKB48
6. [Disc 1] 投げキッスで撃ち落せ!/ AKB48 [Disc 1] NAGE KISS DE UCHI OTOSE!/ AKB48
7. [Disc 1] 蜃気楼/ AKB48 [Disc 1] SHINKIROU/ AKB48
8. [Disc 1] ライダー/ AKB48 [Disc 1] RIDER/ AKB48
9. [Disc 1] 制服が邪魔をする/ AKB48 [Disc 1] SEIFUKU GA JAMA WO SURU/ AKB48
10. [Disc 1] 夏が行っちゃった/ AKB48 [Disc 1] NATSU GA ICCHATTA/ AKB48
11. [Disc 1] 小池/ AKB48 [Disc 1] KOIKE/ AKB48
12. [Disc 1] 月のかたち/ AKB48 [Disc 1] TSUKI NO KATACHI/ AKB48
13. [Disc 1] 誰かのために -What can I do for someone?-/ AKB48 [Disc 1] DAREKA NO TAME NI -WHAT CAN I DO FOR SOMEONE?-/ AKB48
14. [Disc 1] 涙売りの少女/ AKB48 [Disc 1] NAMIDA URI NO SHOUJO/ AKB48

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