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Bob Dunlap completely understands the design, function, and repair of Eugene Stoners masterpiece, the AR-15 rifle. This extremely successful design, whether you love it or hate it, has been the U.S. militarys first line battle rifle longer than any other in our history, over 40 years as of this writing. It is the second most prevalent rifle design in the world today, behind only the AK-47 and its derivatives. If you want the quick course on how to get this rifle apart, back together, and operating as intended, then this course is for you (if you want the "long course," look into our basic 108 hour Professional Gunsmith course).

Among the items covered are:
•Discussion of the guns designer and the company he worked for at its origination, and its 1930s era Jungmann gas operation system
•The AR-18 /180 as an improvement on the AR-15 and a short history
•Gene Stoners activities post ArmaLite
•ArmaLites activities after the sale of the design to Colt
•Discussion of changes in the gun, post A1, including the A2 and HBARs

Design & Function
•Explanation and demonstration of the parts and operation of the direct impingement gas system
•Where the gas comes from, where it goes, and what it causes the bolt carrier and bolt to do, and why
•Explanation and demonstration of the operation of the primary and secondary sears (disconnect) and the hammer cycle
•Explanation of the buffer assembly, what it does and how it does it. Why the various sizes, weights and constructions are important in full auto fire, but of little importance in semi-auto mode
•Operation and purpose of the ejection port cover and the bolt stop are demonstrated
•Bob shows the forward assist and how it works, and gives his considered opinion on how its purpose should have been accomplished

•Extensive disassembly shown and explained, including front sight and gas tube. Parts not removed have removal described, including barrel
•Special tools needed are shown and their function explained
•Why you need to shoot full power loads if you shoot lead bullets or have a .22LR conversion
•What to look for around the gas port, and how to correct misalignment of the ports in barrel and front sight
•As usual, Bob tells you which parts, springs, and plungers are likely to launch themselves into NeverToBeSeenAgainLand, and how to avoid that happening
•Common problem areas to watch out for, what parts give trouble, and which do not

Cleaning & Lubrication
•AGI cleaning & lubrication methods shown, along with the reasons for their use

•Making sure you have no parts Left over, and help for the problem of Those springs all look alike!!! Where do they go?
•Extractor requirements explained and solutions to extraction problems shown
•Firing pin specs given, both Bobs preferences and the militarys. Why they are different, and both are correct for their intended uses
•Making sure the gas system gets in line

Tuning Tips
•What you need to know about the ejector
•Ditto with the extractor, and corrections
•Barrel is removed and put back on in the process of showing how to modify the frame and barrel extension to correct Low Feeding
•How the rounds need to sit in the magazine to feed properly, and what to do to the magazine if they do not

•What to use
•What to avoid and why
•.22LR conversion unit
•Spare parts to keep on hand

Tuning Tips Redux
•Why the gun fires on trigger release, and what to do to correct it if it does. Also known as Stayin Out of Jail!
•Why gas port diameter is more critical in carbines (shortys) than in rifles, and how to correct the short cycling that may occur with certain loads in a carbine
•A cause of short cycling commonly expressed in the Blogosphere and in magazine articles that, in Bobs experience, is not a problem
•Correcting bolt/receiver/bore misalignments

Shooting the AR
•AR-15 Semi-Auto
•CAR-15 Semi-Auto
•CAR-15 Full Auto
•CAR-15 .22LR conversion Full Auto

If you noticed how often the terms "explanation" and "visual demonstration" are used, you may be getting some idea of why this course is a must have for any AR series auto-loading rifle owner, or someone who intends to be.


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