AdventNet ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro 5.4.5403

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AdventNet ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro 5.4.5403
AdventNet ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro 5.4.5403 | 27.21 MB

Password Manager Pro (PMP) is a trusted solution to securely store, access and administer shared administrative passwords. It enables IT managers to maintain a central repository of passwords, enforce standard password policies and control unauthorized user access to shared passwords. It also provides a complete record of 'who', 'what' and 'when' of password access.

Password Manager Pro is a trusted solution for managing shared administrative passwords.
* Securely store thousands of privileged passwords of servers, databases, network devices, websites and IT applications
* Selectively share passwords with others
* Reset passwords of remote resources
* Enforce better password management practices
* Complete record of 'who', 'what' and 'when' of password access

New Features / Enhancements

Password Manager

Remote password synchronization for Oracle DB Server and Sybase ASE

* Support for changing the privileged passwords of remote Oracle DB servers and Sybase ASE from PMP GUI
* Periodic password synchronization check with remote resources now supported for Oracle DB servers and Sybase ASE

On demand check for Password Integrity

* Option to carry out 'on demand' verification to ascertain if the passwords stored in PMP are in sync with the actual passwords of remote resources

New Resource Creation in A-to-A Password Management

* PMP now supports resource creation also as part of Application-to-Application Management. New resources can now be created using the Password Management APIs

Support for non-English characters

* PMP now allows non-English characters in the data stored in the database. The user interface too allows non-English characters.

Use of 'sudo' for Privilege escalation

* PMP now allows the use of 'sudo' for privilege escalation in Linux/UNIX systems while doing password resets. This option is useful for systems where the 'root' login is disabled.

Agent-based password reset

* Remote password reset by deploying PMP agents in remote resources, is now supported for 'Windows Domain' resources

Audit Views

* The reason, as entered by the users for various password management activities, are now shown in a separate column in all audit views

Changes & Bug Fixes
* While importing users from AD, added provision for capturing AD tree structure in PMP with proper representation of OUs
* When Single Sign On was enabled, users connecting to PMP secondary server when Primary was running fine, were not redirected to the Primary. This issue has been fixed
* Earlier, when PMP primary server was powered off and reconnected again, it took a long time to do data synchronization between primary and secondary. This has now been fixed
* Issue related scheduling report generation has been fixed
* Earlier, users with the role 'Password Administrator' were not able to schedule password resets and password action notifications. This is now fixed.
* When password reset listener was invoked, PMP did not pass the old password of the respective resource as one of the arguments as expected. This has now been fixed.

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