ActiveDen - Tiny – Innovative Site Template (Rightclick menu fixed)

Webmaster. May 5, 2011 by flashGiant.

Tiny – Innovative Site Template (Rightclick menu fixed) | SWF | XML | 106MB

tiNY Innovative Site – the new Quality limit for Flash Templates.

With the modules and elements in the tiNY Innovative Site we wanted to create a Template, which is flexible, adaptable and easy to use to create a Trendy Website for us and also for our customer.

The whole website is full XML Driven. Each XML File contains comments and examples to help you to in the smooth work. The 3 Level Deep Links allow you to send a link to your favorite images / videos from the Gallery to your friends.

Template Features:

* New Icon system for the Clever and Perfect Overview. Each menu, item, image, link can have an icon to help focusing for the customer.
* Over 30 featurues in 9 Modules.
* XML Driven, good strucutred XML Files. One for each page.
* 3 Level Deep Linking. Share an image / video with a direct link to the item.
* Cross links between pages, and modulels (like Link from Banner to any item).
* Unlimited(!) amount of pages (also without menus). Add more pages, and call the via Deep Link.
* Intelligent 3d Menu and Submenus – stop Banner during mouse is over the Menu.
* Focus Cover – During Menu and Subscribe functions the rest of the page become a dark cover.
* Ken Burn Banner with great functions like progress Bar, thumbnails etc.
* Row and Block based Styles. Clean, exact and easy to edit. Over 10 precreated Examples waiting for copy edit and to publish.
* News Feeds (ATOM, RSS , XML Controlled News).
* 2 Different Thumbnail system for Image Galleries (Horizontal or vertical Scrolled).
* Image Gallery with Fullscreen Image Rotator. Always fit in the browser Window.
* Image Gallery with Slideshow and HTML Formatted Info Function.
* Video Gallery with unlimited(!) amount of thumbnails, videoplayer also in Fullscreen.
* Video Gallery plays FLV , MP4, YouTube videos.
* Contact Forms with two different Layouts.
* ROWs with fixed size, and ROWs with endless width, to create Item lists, horizontal scrolled contents etc. (see our PriceBox Example under the menupoint ”+”).
* Newsletter Subscribe / unsubscribe function.
* Smart loader.
* Smart Music handling. Volume Controll.
* Unlimited(!) amount of quotes.
* New Backgrounds per page (colored, image based) Fit or Stretched.



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