Accessorizer v2.2 - MacOSX

MACOSX. August 1, 2010 by iShare.
Accessorizer v2.2 -  MacOSX

Accessorizer v2.2 | MacOSX | 5.2 MB

Accessorizer began as a Cocoa application and suite of Services to generate ObjC accessor declaration and implementation methods from variable declarations. But Accessorizer now offers more. Much, much more, including support for generating @property and @synthesize statements.

In addition to offering a broad range of memory management schemes, Accessorizer generates code for Keyed Archving, Key-Value Observation, Key-Value Validation, locking using NSLock or @synchronized() - for writing multi-threaded apps, Headerdoc tags and undo using NSUndoManager. "Accessorizer frees up time for fun and productive parts of development" (Troy Stepehens). Users report saving "tons of time". And of course, Accessorizer can help eliminate common mistakes and frequent typos that invariably slow and frustrate the coding process.

Services allow the developer to select ivar declarations in any application which supports OSX Services, such as XCode, TextEdit and others, and generate methods for

Features :

* Declaration
* Implementation
* Declaration & Implementation
* Dealloc
* ivar Lock
* Private Lock
* Indexed Accessors
* Keyed Archiving
* Key-Value Validation

Changes made in the prefs drawer take effect immediately in the output view so that the developer can quickly determine the best solution for the given task. Accessorizer also provides extensive flexiblity in how the generated code is presented while maintaining good coding conventions.

Never have to leave XCode! Minimize Accessorizer to the Dock, invoke an Accessorizer service from the Services menu (or hotkey) and never leave XCode! That's because results from a service invocation are put on the pasteboard. Simply paste results where you wish! As a side feature, Accessorizer can take ivars declared in Objective-C and output accessors in Java with a simple toggle of a radio button or shortcut.

What’s New in 2.2

• New switch to toggle detection of NSCopying protocol
• Sparkle support
• New "inherit" option in Defaults Table that inherits the attribute from the general preferences (for properties only) - Nice suggestion Paul Goracke!
• Keyed Archiving and other methods where appropriate now use dot notation if in Objective-C 2.0 mode
• Added minimal support for CF types and ObjC 2.0 properties (work in progress)
• Fixed missing bracket in init and initWith if using 1.0 style accessors instead of setting directly if your ivar is a scalar
• Modified Keyed Archiving code when using direct access to variables
• Fixed issue when setting customKeyPrefix would set the value on customIvarPrefix

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