5 Stories for Children

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5 Stories for Children
4 Books | 1 Magazine | 51 MB

* I Wonder Why by Neeraja Raghavan.
* The Story of Writing by Nita Berry.
* The Voyage of Trishna by Brigadier T.P.S. Chowdhury.
* What Happened Then... Edited by Navin Menon.
* Children's World - September 2010.

1. I Wonder Why by Neeraja Raghavan (90pages, 10mb)
Have you ever wondered what makes you laugh when someone tickles you? Or why some people are left-handed and some right-handed? Or why do babies smile in sleep? Well, how about a sphinx to answer these and many more such queries as and when they occur to you? The book explores, with the sphinx, the scientific principles behind the day-to-day happenings. It is necessary to wonder why and to know the answers in some degree!

2. The Story of Writing by Nita Berry (140pages, 15.7mb)
Communities have developed,from old times to the new,different writing styles.Some write from right to left andsome from left to right:the Mexicans write from bottom to top.Each language has evolved from the needs of the people, their environmentand the tools available to them.Writing reflects certain cultural aspects.The cave drawings make the beginning.From these to alphabets, to languages,calligraphy and printing with its technology—the journey has taken many long centuries.This is the story of that journey.

3. The Voyage of Trishna by Brigadier T.P.S. Chowdhury (84pages, 3.93mb)
Ten Indians sailed around the world in a yacht, covering 55,000 km in fifteen months and twelve days. The yacht was only 11m long and 3.25 m wide — Trishna. It was the first Indian sailing expedition around the world.

4. What Happened Then... Edited by Navin Menon (98pagrs, 11.3mb)
What happened then...? These three words set the pace for weaving that magical feeling of wonder, mystery, surprise, contentment, which is associated with storytime—that wonderfully warm, assuring time-capsule that children look forward to sharing with parents, grandparents and siblings!
In this collection we have clubbed four stories that evoke that sense of wonder and excitement in the child readers and listeners, coaxing them to ask the perennial question: "What happened then...?" A chick gets lost... A hoopoe confronts a migrating visitor... A barber has a 'close shave'... A baby worm wriggles out of home despite his Mom saying, "No!" What happened then...? A hilarious four-in-one treat put together for little ones.

5. Children's World - September 2010 (44pages, 7.6mb)
A monthly magazine for children with stories, games, quiz, poems etc...

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