3D-Coat 4.0.03 Final (x86 & x64)

Software, Graphic & Design. June 1, 2013 by samura1.

Here's the final release of 3D-Coat the one application that has all the tools you need to take your 3D idea from a block of digital clay all the way to a production ready, fully textured organic or hard surface model.

- Applying masks and materials via cubemapping is now available in both - Paint and Voxels rooms.
- Two ways of calculating normals - as before or as in Maya for better compatibility.
- 3D-Coat has the most common TBN space used in most 3D-applications (Maya, Blender) - Morten Mikkelsen's TBN space.
- N-gons with complex shape will be correctly supported in Paint and Retopo rooms.
- Material's tiling can be toggled On/Off.

Voxels Room Changes:
- New spacebar menu with quick access slots.
- Vox Layer, Vox Extrude tools.
- New Fit tool to combine separate pieces that look similar but has different topology. Important to handle scan data.
- Remove undercuts tool.
- Volume preserving mode in masks painting added.
- Smooth all may work over frozen area and will work much faster. It gives a good and predictable way to smooth selected areas.

- Surface smooth polished a lot, now it has a lot of useful options and has become a very powerful tool.
- New items in VoxTree menu: Show all, Show subtree (to make nodes visible)
- All applicable brush jitters will act in Merge tool in "On pen" mode.
- Proxy (multiresolution) may now work via decimate! It helps a lot with thin surfaces.
- New command in VoxTree - Split with... to split one volume with another one into two parts. It works for both modes - surface and voxels.

Retopo & UV Room Changes:
- Models palette is now available in Retopo room to be merged directly in the retopo room. Retopo layers may be dragged to that palette.
- Retopo->Export groups for exporting group as separate file.

Automatic vertex/edge/face selection in Select tool. Double-click will select connective area.

- Selection is additive now. Use CTRL+D or ESC or click outside the retopo mesh to deselect.
- Add/Split Quads may work in free space too if you attaching polygons to existing geometry.
- General Retopo settings moved to Menu line to save space.
- Points&Faces tool got set of improvements:

1) possibility to assign another tool with CTRL, SHIFT, CTRL+SHIFT
2) possibility to create quads only
3) possibility to work in free space

- UV improvement - you may select multiple UV islands, copy via CTRL+C, select one island of similar topology and use CTRL+V to put them on each other.
- Auto seams will act on current group only.
- Possibility to specify distance between UV islands when packing.
- Retopo opacity may now be varied, other UV-sets are visible too (more transparent).


Install Notes:
- Install the program in the default directory
- Use our activator to register (as admin for Vista & 7)
- Enjoy your newly full registered app !

3D-Coat 4.0.03 Final (x86) - Patch-MPT
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3D-Coat 4.0.03 Final (x64) - Patch-MPT
Extabit | Uploaded | RyuShare | DataFile

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