20 Learn how to built Muscle – Vince Del Monte – Three-Minute Muscle

Tutorial & e-learning. March 19, 2011 by Jolge.

20 Learn how to built Muscle – Vince Del Monte – Three-Minute Muscle | 154 MB

Pack on serious muscle mass and burn fat with brutal timed sets. The method behind Three-Minute Muscle is simple yet extremely challenging in the moment. Every exercise receives an opportunity to perform as many reps as you can in three minutes. Then you repeat this for the rest of your exercises. Most workouts barely put your muscles under tension for 20-30 seconds. With three-minute-muscle your most stubborn bodyparts will be forced into submission like never before, stimulating growth, burning fat and getting you in the best shape of your life.
Why Is Three-Minute-Muscle So Effective?

The entire premise is to improve your failure-threshold, which is the point you can't get another rep. After a few weeks, your ability to train longer and heavier, simultaneously, will be significantly higher for each exercise.

This happens because training your muscles this way puts them under a great deal of metabolic stress. Learning how to tolerate the stress will help you train longer and harder which lead to improved workouts and a physique you once considered ''impossible'' to show off.

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