[Pipa/Folk] VA - A Collection of Music Played on the Pipa (1989) [6CD] [FLAC]

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[Pipa/Folk] VA - A Collection of Music Played on the Pipa (1989)
LAC+CUE | Pipa | Instrumental |Chinese Traditional and Folk Music | No Cover | 1989 | 6CD (1.16 GB)

01. Ebb Tide Hua Yanjun Song [0:05:02.12]
02. Song of the Frontier (a performance) Pinghu sent Wu Mengfei spectrum [0:07:18.38]
03. Palace Moon (a performance) Cao and spectral [0:07:00.37]
04. Ching Lin Yue (Excerpts) (a performance) [0:06:19.08]
05. Yingzhou tunes (a performance) [0:08:54.55]
06. Pingsha Luo Yan (Ancient Melody) Pinghu sent Yang Dajun spectrum [0:06:56.55]
07. Bury Me (Ancient Melody) Wang Yu-Ting Liu Dehai adapted to send Li Tingsong spectrum [0:09:18.70]

01. Fly Kingfisher (Yingzhou tunes) Wang Fan to solo [0:03:26.62]
02. Mountain and Flowing Water (Henan Clappers) Mass spectrum of Wang Fu Cao Van to solo [0:02:32.13]
03. Dual hate (Guangdong Music) Wang Fan Wang Fan in order to solo [0:04:33.50]
04. Moonlit Night (Ancient Melody) Wang Fan Wang Fan in order to solo [0:09:21.25]
05. Jackdaws playing in the water (Guangdong Chaozhou Folk Music) Liu Baoshan Wang Fan adapted to solo [0:03:27.50]
06. Ozuki children with high (Yingzhou tunes) He Shufeng [0:01:43.50]
07. Jackdaws playing in the water (Guangdong Chaozhou Folk Music) Liu Baoshan Adapted He Shufeng solo [0:03:32.25]
08. Spring Snow (a performance) He Shufeng Solo [0:03:03.10]
09. Catch Flower Song He Shufeng natural leaf continued solo [0:04:29.70]
10. Dragon boat (folk music) He Shufeng Solo [0:04:25.20]
11. Dance of the Yi Wang Hui Ran Song He Shufeng solo [0:06:40.57]

01. Haiqing Helena Swan (a performance) Conservatory Solo [0:09:19.45]
02. Wen Xuan Annotated (Ancient Melody) spectroscopy Chen Mu-Chuan Fu Conservatory Solo [0:05:09.20]
03. A richer understanding of Hakka zheng solo Conservatory transplantation [0:02:12.65]
04. House of Flying Daggers (Ancient Melody) Li Guangzu Solo [0:12:11.02]
05. Lights ablaze on transplantation Li Guangzu solo folk music [0:04:09.15]
06. Pu'an Incantation (Ancient Melody) Li Guangzu Solo [0:14:40.60]
07. Bank Street Courtyard (Jiangnan string and wind) adapted Conservatory Conservatory Solo [0:05:19.30]
08. 36 (Jiangnan string and wind) adapted Conservatory Conservatory Solo [0:03:54.05]

01. Dance song quoted Liu Tian Liu, Guilian solo [0:04:50.50]
02. Army Order (a performance) Wu Man Solo [0:04:38.07]
03. Chen Sui (a performance) Wu Man Solo [0:12:47.13]
04. Dressing (folk music) Yang Wei Solo [0:02:28.55]
05. Wun Sha Tsui solo female Zhang Xiaofeng Song [0:05:53.45]
06. Back curtain of Guangdong's solo adaptation of Tsui [0:02:30.55]
07. Sun Shine in the audio adaptation of Chen Chen Chen Gang Qu tone solo [0:06:08.20]
08. Torch Night Wu Junsheng Pan E Green solo song [0:04:59.35]

01. Pipa Concerto "Prairie Heroic Little Sisters," Wu Zuqiang, Insights to music Insights to Solo [0:18:14.42]
02. Pipa Concerto "Mulan" Guguan Ren Qu Tang Liangxing Solo [0:17:50.33]

01. Buckle chain (traditional music) Sun Yude Solo [0:01:43.55]
02. Chen Sui (a performance) Sun Yude Solo [0:08:43.57]
03. Dance solo quoted Liu Tian Liu Tian Song [0:03:08.38]
04. Ebb Tide Hua Yanjun Song Hua Yanjun Solo [0:03:54.62]
05. Lady Zhaojun Hua Yanjun mass spectrum Hao Desheng solo [0:04:12.63]
06. Palace Moon (a performance) process afternoon Ka Solo [0:06:31.62]
07. Xunyang Moonlight (a performance) Liting Song Solo [0:08:59.25]
08. Fly Kingfisher (Yingzhou tunes) Wei Chung solo music [0:04:29.63]
09. Sichuan Road trip Yang Dajun Song Yang Dajun solo [0:05:52.62]
10. Pingsha Luo Yan (Ancient Melody) Chen Chung Solo [0:07:20.38]

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